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ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTE: It's become too time-consuming to keep up with this page. The info has become redundant with what's on the message board. That's where you'll find the most up-to-date info. No registration is required to view posts on the board.

There is some good stuff below, it's just not been updated since Oct 08. There are bound to be broken links.

If there's something you can't find, or don't see the subject/topic posted on the board, let me know and I'll help.


If you ain't seen the photo gallery from Blackwater Sol Revue '08, how come?

Did you see where Luther Dickinson is going to sit in with the boys on Sept 27?

I got a whole sheet-load of set lists in...some from fans, some from the band (we know who to thank, and his initials are D.O.) Now all I got to do is manufacture some time to get them all posted.  Gimmee a few days.  I've got about the last 15 shows.

The photo contest (big sigh).  Damn. I added some killer prizes.  Giving ya'll through Nov 1 so there are plenty of shows left.  We've got some great pics entered but not very many so let's get some more, k?

Are we done with the OB favorite song poll?  Votes have slowed to a trickle. Got an idea for a poll? Let me know, or post it on the board.


Well, last night I blew all the text out of this page---uhhhhhh, no I didn't mean to. But I was able to recover about 80% of it today (only took about half the day.)  What sucks is I coulda used that time to get the BSR photos edited and loaded up.  Since I cussed and spit and hollered last night I got it out of my system and ya'll don't have to hear me rant any more than this.  SHIT!  There.  Just had to get one more out.

Everything up to 8/16 I got back.  All the stuff I had posted here since then went poof.  So, from memory (yikes!) here's what was up.

>>>Here is the much ballyhooed Orange Blossoms video. If you ain't seen it, put down any drink cause you'll spit it all over your screen. Warning: if you have broken or sprained ribs, we strongly suggest you refrain from watching this video until you are fully healed.<<<

(Go here to get more info on the video's producer, Spookie Daly, of "Spookie Daly's Pride)

Blackwater Sol Revue setlist is up, with a link to a download of the show (pics coming soon!)

Video of JJ acoustic version of  "The Hurricane" at BSR

Don't forget that BSR reviews, "Orange Blossoms" reviews, and concert reviews are on the 'reviews/interviews' page now

Mofro to headline Bear Creek Festival in N. Florida in Nov.  This is a fabulous venue ya'll, the campground is along the Suwannee River in a beautiful part of Florida.  It's about 3 or 4 hours from Atlanta, easy from Mobile area, probably 3 or 4 hours too.  It's only about 25 miles south of the Georgia line just a few minutes off I-75

If you ain't voted for your favorite "Orange Blossoms" song, hit the home page and let your voice be heard!

This is a must-see.  JJ talks about his music writing and about the process of creating the Orange Blossoms CD.



Pics, the setlist, and a download link from the "Orange Blossoms" CD premiere at CD Connection in Jax Beach are up.


New radio interview with JJ from Hot August Blues at Oregon Ridge on 8/16.


Reviews of "Orange Blossom" have been moved to the Interviews/Reviews page.

JJ for President?


Amazon has "Orange Blossoms" for $13.99. That's less than I've seen it anywhere else.  Orange BlossomsGo here to take you straight to the page.


New to archive.org is the show from The 10,000 Lakes Festival on July 25.  You can check it out here, or go to the setlist page and listen to it on the player there.

Curious about the new drummer? Get a little more info on Anthony "AC" Cole.

This video footage of the guys playing at the Mile High Festival is killer. There's 3 songs, the production values are excellent, with several cameras covering angles with pans and zooms AND the audio quality is excellent as well.

Jambase.com is having a contest and giving away 2 free tickets to Blackwater Sol Revue 2. Go here to enter

?Video footage from Voodoo Experience, Oct '07.


Blogger's review of Orange Blossoms just in


Everybody's heard "On Fire" right?  This funky/r&b boogie tinged tune can be heard on the jukebox on Alligator Record's Mofro page.

I assume everybody's up to speed on what you can hear and where, but in case you just woke up from a long summer's nap here's the lowdown.

A very funky cut from Orange Blossoms called "On Fire" can be heard here on Alligator Records website.

And the title song can be heard on MOFRO's MySpace page.

Thursday's (8/7) live show from Boulder to stream on radio. Details here


In case ya'll didn't see it, antsyashley posted a link to a video interview with JJ from the Mile High Festival...you can check it out here.


TN_CRACKA just posted a link on the board to an article/review on blogcritics.org. Good article. A direct link to the article is here.  Thanks TN_C!


?Contrary to what it says at blackwatersolrevue.com (ticket info to come), if you want to buy tix in advance to the Friday night (8/29) show (night before BSR) at Cafe 11 you can get them from their website now:  http://tinyurl.com/cafe11tix

Alligator Records had added all the details on "Orange Blossoms"

?Just added setlist from 3rd & Lindsley on July 27; the show has also just been added to the archive

?Pointed out by UHollis, who knows all things MOFRO, this show from Skipper's Smokehouse in Tampa from Nov/03 includes 2 of the songs that will be on "Orange Blossoms."  Not only that, the sound quality on this show is nothing short of fantastic. Of course the lineup is different (except for Daryl.) George is playing percussion. The whole thing is a GREAT show, but if you haven't heard "Dew Drops" or "She Don't Know" now you can, and then we can compare these versions to the ones that are on the new record! (It's also fun listening to the variations on songs from 5 years ago.)

Dig this little review from these crazy cats that went to the Taste of Lincoln show in Chicago on July 26

Check out this quick interview with JJ at the 10K Lakes Festival 


Just uploaded to the archive is the acoustic set that JJ did in Oct '07 that includes "Orange Blossoms."  It was done at WWOZ in N'Orleans and includes 6 songs with interviews in between. Very cool.  This is the actual recording of the radio broadcast. Check it out here.


We've all got another taper to thank. This one's from the Crossroads in Kansas City on 7/18


Want to hear "Orange Blossoms?"  This blog has an acoustic version of the upcoming new record's title song, recorded last October at WWOZ in N'Orleans.


New concert reviews just in


Wow...Tapers are coming through!  Thank you guys!!  There are 3 new shows for your listening or downloading pleasure on the archive.
Allgood Festival--Masontown WV--July 13
Thursday at Lafayette Square--Buffalo NY--July 10

Live at Waterfront Park--Louisville, KY--July 4

(There was 2 tapers at Allgood and at Lafayette Square. I've only put one version above, but I've not listened to any, so check 'em all out if'n you want to.)

JJ will be playing an acoustic set in support of "Orange Blossoms" on Tues, Aug 26 at CD Connection in Jax Beach.  It's on Mofro's website on the tour schedule. (Ain't nothing about it on CD Connection's website yet.) I started a thread about it here.  JJ's gonna be signing autographs. Where YOU at?


First cuts from Orange Blossoms will be played in Boulder (you lucky dawgs)!!
That's right. I just heard from Alligator Records today. In case you haven't seen it on the board, here is the content of what I received:

"Just wanted to let you know about a cool JJ Grey & Mofro free show in Boulder, Colorado.
It's taking place on the hill, in the parking lot across from the Fox Theatre in Boulder, Colorado on Thursday, August 7th.  They are slated to go on around 10:15 PM.
It's a radio industry showcase (the R&R Triple-A Summit) but the parking lot performances are free to the public.  The Summit is a yearly gathering of adult alternative radio programmers from across the country.
JJ and the band will be busting out all new material from the forthcoming release, Orange Blossoms.  These will probably be the first public performances of the songs from the new record.  Because it's a radio convention with other bands in the parking lot and at the Fox, the set is going to be approximately 35 minutes in length.
Thanks for spreading the word to the Mofro fans in the Boulder area.  Hopefully they can come on out and bring a few friends too."

(bold face added by Clay)


Bad news from AllGood
iClips had a satellite feed problem
and all we got to see was a loop of guys setting up the stage, and hearing CCR 'Bad Moon Rising' over and over.
Good news from iClips is that they may show it in its entirety during the 10,000 Lakes Festival. Read more


Good news from AllGood!
Get you some pork rinds and a cold beer and settle in for the the Allgood Festival this weekend. iClips will be broadcasting the majority if the acts. TWO MOFRO shows on iClips this weekend.  The first one is (was) at 7:45 p.m. tonight (7/11) and it's the taped show from Rothbury that we thought we were going to see last Sunday and then it never happened.  That's way cool...iClips definitely rocks!  (All times are Eastern)

Then on Sunday (7/13), they're airing MOFRO's show live from Allgood at 1:15 p.m.

Here's where to go  www.iclips.net/allgood2008.php


Last night's show from Lafayette Square in Buffalo is already up on etree for those who would like to download.

They opened for Jimmie Vaughn, but played for a full 90 minutes.  The review in this morning's Buffalo News/Entertainment has some fine things to say about our boys. Here's the part in the review about MOFRO (link to entire article below it.)

"Vaughan was preceded by JJ Grey & Mofro, who performed a much longer set than most openers, rounding out an hour and a half of performance time. But the blues band with a hint of funk put on a powerful show. With great showmanship and matching skill, they could have headlined the show and easily entertained the crowd all night. Made up of bass, organ, drums, guitar, trumpet and saxophone, their performance was full and robust. "
www.buffalonews.com/entertainment/story/389707.html  by BY STEPHANIE SCHOMER News Staff Reviewer



Unless I miss my guess, there are a shitload of people who are going to cream in there jeans over this one.  MOFRO tabs/chords were just added this morning.  Ya'll don't crash my servers now!  Here they are.


Setlist added from The Bluebird show in Bloomington on July 8th.


Website updates

And still more to come, ya'll!!


The rumors of my demise have been greatly over-exaggerated (sorry, Sam.)

I've been swamped (no pun intended) lately. I've had my head so much into other things that needed done that I've only been able to lurk, but not update anything. (And my apologies to those who've emailed me off board for my lack of response--I WILL respond.)

Well, that's over! I got a long list of stuff just knocked off on 7/8, and posted above and to the Update boxes throughout the site.

Thanks to everyone for their patience! Goddam life gets in the way of the fansite sometimes.  It's enough to piss me off...



I'm upping the ante on the Photo Contest. First, the date to enter photos will be extended to through the end of September. Second, I'm adding a 2nd place and 3rd place with prizes going to them too. Last, I'll be adding even more prizes for 1st place, including Orange Blossoms merch and more signed items.

The winners will be determined by YOU (and you, and you, and you, and you, and you...okay there's too many of you out there to name you all, but you get the picture--ooooohh, really bad pun.)

I'll be updating the photo contest page in a few days, so ya'll come back and check it out. And take some pictures and enter will ya? It's easier than it looks on the contest page. But it did take me a long time to set it all up and I'm coming out of pocket for all them prizes so I really hope ya'll don't let the rest of us down. It don't cost nothin' to enter!


I hear it's really high in Boulder.  So I can't imagine the buzz ya'll will get when JJ Grey and MOFRO roll into town on August 7 to play the Outdoor Stage on the Hill at the Fox Theatre. Details are on their website.


Lord-a-mercy ya'll the wait is over!! Orange Blossoms will be in record stores nationwide on Aug. 26. Blackwater Sol Review on 8/30 is the cd release party, then the boys head out to the west coast to start a long run of dates and locations.  Check out the updated tour schedule and get ready to MOFRO!


Boston, Fayetteville...ya'll ready to go?  JJ Grey & MOFRO is headed for a jook joint near you.

For ya'll in Arkansas, the swamp funk comes to George's Majestic on Sept 6.  It ain't on MOFRO's schedule yet. but it is on the Majestic website here.

The Paradise Rock Club will rock (and funk, and soul...) with MOFRO on Oct 25.  This ain't on nobody's schedule yet, so, like always, I ain't making no promises, but it seems to be a pretty sure deal, unless something gets changed up.  Check the site for the dise regularly to see if it hits there first, and I'll keep alert elsewhere.


Ya'll check out this great review and awesome pics of the show at the Williamsburg Music Hall in Brooklyn on May 30, from glidemagazine.com.


Set list from Silverton Jamboree added.


Blackwater Sol Revue tix went on sale today!   Blackwater Sol Revue, Sat Aug 30!


A few items of news to report--

  1. New tour date announced today; get ready for some serious swamp funk if you live in PHILLY, WILMINGTON, BALTIMORE,  D.C., area.  JJ Grey & MOFRO will be playing at the Hot August Blues Festival at Oregon Ridge Park in Cockeysville MD on Sat Aug 16!  Headlining act is John Hiatt, also features legendary blues singer/pianist Marcia Ball, and others.

    Also, Florida fans, in case you missed the news,
  2. Electric violin to be on new record. A recent article in the Jacksonville Financial News & Daily Record, reported that Philip Pan, the Concertmaster for the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra (JSO) is taking a sabbatical to kick it around doing other genres.  He's been there 23 years and wants to pursue his love of everything from country to blues to hip-hop.

    According to the article "He’s been logging some hours in the recording studio as well, laying down violin tracks for JJ Grey & Mofro’s new CD on Alligator Records. “I’m trying to convince them they need a full-time fiddle player,” said Pan, who admitted the idea of touring with a band appeals to him. “I’ve had some offers but not ones that pay enough for me to hit the road.”
    But hey, you never know...
  3. Life means having to take the bad news along with the good.  Central Florida fans...no show at Skipper's for the usual August sweat-a-thon. Don't shoot the gdam messenger ya'll.  But it's gonna be either later this year or first of next year before they hit the 'Dome.
  4. Great news for fans in the Newport KY, and St. Louis MO areas (hey...MoFro in MO!)  Ya'll get a real treat: Tampa-based Nervous Turkey is opening for our boys at ya'lls shows in mid July.  Don't be hanging out outside smoking and shit during THIS opening act--these cats are so sick.  I gots some great pics of them I'll load up on the site in the next few days.  Meanwhile, check out the Turkeys on MySpace 


Sorry for being AWOL for a few days ya'll.  Life, work, stupid shit like that.

I got word on a new tour date today. I'm sworn to secrecy.  But it'll go up here later this week so poke your out (...is that the saying?).

I'll give you these hints: it's NOT in Florida; it is a festival; it will be somewhere between Aug 1 and Sept 30; it's in the U.S. east of the Mississippi.  If I give away any more than that, I may end up with busted kneecaps.


Great news for fans in Florida. The band has just added the Sarasota Blues Fest to their schedule on Nov 1.


In case you guys haven't seen it, Danny Owen, former tour manager for the band has posted a message about what's happening with him and the band. There's also a strong clue in it about when the new album comes out. Read it here.


Just added to the Mofro summer tour schedule is Magic City Blues Fest in Montana on Aug 8.  Though not posted on the official site schedule yet, I received confirmation today that Blackwater Sol Revue II is on for Aug 30th. Lastly, Earthdance, in Calif, is now on the sched for Sept 14.


Anybody else notice the big change to the JJ Grey & MOFRO wiki on Wikipedia?  It's a total re-do.

I don't know who did the original article, but last December I noticed it had not been updated in quite some time so I started making changes to it to try to get it up to date.  This year I've continued to keep it up to date as much as possible with things like George leaving and the new album in the works.

Unfortuately, Wikipedia tagged it with some of their rules violations in early June--nothing big, mainly they make you have citations/references. It's in the process of being tweaked.  See it here.


Wish I had some news right now.  Nothing new to report.  The tour page on the JJ & M, other than the upcoming Northeast tour.

Check the message board for news on summer shows.

No other news, that I know of, to report right now.


I've gotten confirmation on a couple of noteworthy things for us fans.  First, the touring schedule for the next 4-5 months will indeed include only festivals.  They won't be doing any clubs.  I wouldn't be surprised to see a show or two added, but what you see on the official tour page won't change much through August.

BUT THEN things should get cooking.  That's because I've got it from more than one good source
that the new CD will come out in August (although lately the only commitment we're hearing is "Fall."

And if there's one thing all us MOFRO fans know it's that JJ can flat out sing, he can flat out play that
harp, and that they will tour relentlessly once the new record is out.

Okay, that's 3 things.  But it's the last one that I'm talking about.  That means they may kick off the
new record at Blackwater Sol Revue, Labor Day weekend.  Or maybe before.  There's a big gap on the tour schedule between July 23 and Sept 5.  Hmmmmmmm....?

When Country Ghetto was released, they did a Florida swing just before (but that was Feb and they
usually do), but they usually swing back through Florida in August.  The Country Ghetto tour kicked
off in Tallahassee before moving to GA, SC, NC and VA.  Then they went to MD, NY, PA, and MA.

So, who knows for sure, eh?

4/14/08  Latest update on George leaving the band.

4/4/08  It's true: George has left the band.  I now have it confirmed by the best source possible--George himself.

He said there is no bad blood or anything and that everyone is still on good terms.  He said further that he put in 5 solid years with the band and will miss them.

Lastly he said that it's because of the fans that the band is where it is today and he thanked us all.

Chat about it on the message board here.

(It's rumored that Anthony Cole from the Legendary JC's will be taking over the sticks.)

4/3/08  Nothing new to report that's not on the official site, except the rumor I heard today that George Sluppick is no longer with the band.  Jump on the message forum if you've heard anything or have something to say!  Tell me it's just a rumor and it ain't so!!

3/5/08 Here's the latest news from my sources: other than the Australia tour and the Summer festivals that are on the official site, JJ and MOFRO will be recording and producing a new record.

Now, I don't want to be a downer and all that, but, this is a news page ya'll, it ain' Dr. Phil.

What I mean is...if you don't live in New York, Arizona, Michigan, Minnesota, California, or Louisiana, you're screwed (as far as getting your MOFRO jones fixed this summer.)  (And even if you do, you may have a long drive ahead of you to get yo' fix.)

Here in Florida you can count on 3 things: 1) our economy is tanking and getting worse; 2) the state government will continue to muck it up even more; 3) in the next 6 months (they're doing Wannee next month), JJ and MOFRO will play somewhere within a 4 hour drive of 90% of the population (ya'll that live in the Keys have to pay a price ya' know?).  And for those few hours that they do, our problems will all melt away.

Figure at the least they'll do Blackwater Sol Revue II.  JJ has said they were going to, even though the weather last year sucked, they had a great turnout (late, but great--ya'll that didn't get there earlier missed some great music) so I'm thinking the City (what owns the amphitheatre) is game.

One source told me it's possible that this Fall or Winter would be the tour for the new record.  Awesome, but sounds a bit fast huh?  It's a good source, but now that I think about it he was pretty damn drunk when he told me that.

I do know they've already been laying down tracks so they're not just now starting anew.  But as of early January the contract with Dan Prothero had not been nailed down...and while I won't disclose this source, I can tell you it's solid.  So that means as of 60 days ago, they were working on the record, but they did not have the producer that JJ wants on board.  The source did not say there was any impending throwdown with Alligator or indicate any animosity or problems whatsoever; he said it was early in the process and simply not nailed down yet.

More when I get it.  Let me know if you've heard anything different.

3/5 Fifth annual McDowell Mountain Music Festival completes lineup for two-day run in Scottsdale  "Headlining April 25 at WestWorld Polo Grounds will be Gov't Mule, Robert Randolph and...Topping the bill April 26 will be the John Butler Trio, Blues Traveler and the Wailers."

2/27 Summer Festival Tour Announced 

2/25 New merchandise store online

2/8 Mountain Jam announces line-up...includes JJ Grey and Mofro.   May 30-June 1, 2008 in the Catskills of New York.

2/7 Wannee Festival line-up announced: MOFRO to play.     April 11, 12, 2008 in Live Oak, FL.




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