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What other bands do ya'll dig??
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May 12, 2008
8:04 AM
As suggested by a recent post-er, if anyone knows any bands they think that Mofro fans would like, let's post them on this thread.

I wish the cheap-ass message board software I'm using would allow for links on a post, but it won't. So go ahead and post links to other sites if you want, everybody just keep in mind that you'll need to copy and paste the link into your browser window.

One more note...although ain't nothing wrong with a post like "Gov't Mule rules!" or "Widespread Panic is just that!," I'd rather see some stuff that's more unknown to most of us. (If you're a Mofro fan and don't know who Gov't Mule is, what the hell are YOU smoking?)

Let's all share our wealth of musical knowledge, old and new!

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May 12, 2008
11:46 AM
check out the codetalkers, Bobby Lee Rodgers is the man
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May 12, 2008
3:33 PM
Check out Richard Johnston (richardjohnston.com) - Foothill Stomp is an amazing album. Saw him at the Doheny Blues Festival in 2003 (same festival I'm seeing JJ at this Saturday). He plays a guitar he built as well as his one-man drumset when playing live. Honed his licks on the streets of Memphis...
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May 13, 2008
10:13 AM
Ya'll should check out The Gourds and Old Crow Medicine Show.

The Gourds have become known for their cover of Snoop Dogg's Gin and Juice, which was circulating the internet as being done by Phish or Primus for years. Nonetheless, A kick-ass band who has flown under the radar for a long time now. Check their Shinebox and Blood of the Ram albums, amongst all their others.

Old Crow plays ol' timey music with a twist. Great energy and highly talented group of guys. They play a lot of original tunes and they'll break out some traditional folk/bluegrass tunes that you would never think of, especially for a group of young guys. There self-titled album O.C.M.S album is classic and there latest, Big Iron World is great as well.
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May 15, 2008
5:13 PM
Look up Ben Prestage - probably the best place to find him is to search him on myspace. I've seen him a few times at the Bamboo Room in Lake Worth (Yeah, your post on the Bamboo closing bummed me out royally).

Ben is a 1-man show, a real treasure to see live.
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May 29, 2008
8:02 AM
Cool shit kids. I'll check 'em all out. For some reason, I just like the name Northern Lights the best though.

Got a couple to add myself. We went to Tropical Heatwave, an outdoor music fest, couple weeks back. Saw Amanda Shaw, a 17 year old fiddle player that burned up the stage. She crosses genre's, but it's all based on Nawlins roots music.

The other band to see/hear is Groovesect. These are 5 Cracka's, also from Nawlins, that can play some serious funk, and have a good time while doing it. The bass player is one damn fine mother-plucker.

Lastly, I forgot to post this one earlier, but Inca Maya is a Jax based band that a lot of Florida fans know about. Their lead singer/guitarist--Matt Grondin--sits in w/MOFRO in Florida often, and the man can play. His sweeping makes me stop dead in my tracks with my mouth wide open. Last time it happened, some chick thought I was in some sort of catatonic state and threw water in my face.
2 posts
Jun 05, 2008
1:58 AM
I just discovered a couple of interesting bands/albums.

Jamie Lidell "Jim"
John Hiatt "Same Old Man"
T Bone Burnett "Tooth of Crime"
Don Cavalli "Cryland"

Check 'em out.
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Jun 06, 2008
11:31 AM
I just saw JJ and Mofro this past weekend at Mountain Jam and right before they played Sharon Jones and the Dapkings played...it was a double shot of Soul and all's I kept thinking was what a great Tour this would make...def check out Sharon Jones...tons of soul and energy.

besides that I like DBT, MMJ, Wilco, Grace Potter...
Kudzu Rising
3 posts
Jun 10, 2008
12:00 PM
Soulhound from Atlanta. Funk, blues, soul that jams.

James Brown meets Gov't Mule or Meters meets SRV meets Steely Dan.


I'm a big fan of the Colour in Bloom era of Percy Hill and dig on Deep Banana Blackout.

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Jun 24, 2008
4:28 AM
Hey y'all. I just heard this band called Back Door Slam out of UK (Isle of Man). They are young young guys with blues guitar skills like you wouldn't believe. Check it out.
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Jun 26, 2008
6:47 AM
The Black Keys for a slightly dirtier sound. But guess you're all well aware of them.
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Jun 26, 2008
7:31 AM
i cant think of anything out of the ordinary, or new i listen to, but i will be at tom waits in JAX on Tuesday. 6th row. WORD!

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7 posts
Aug 24, 2008
12:17 PM
O.A.R. They have been around for over 11 years and I discovered this band a few years back and could not belive that they wasnt just as popular as Led Zepplin or any other classic rock band from the 70s.
I have seen them 12 times in 5 different states. Me and Mottoboo will be setting out on a 4 show road trip to see them in a few weeks....shhhhh the girlfriend still dont know. Anyway about two years ago I dugup some live footage and posted it to youtube some of the videos have been watched two hundred thousands times. Also check out an old Adam Sandler concert. not a stand up show but a rock concert...its real good.
there are over twenty videos on there


p.s. O.A.R. Of A Revolution

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42 posts
Aug 24, 2008
3:39 PM
I'll put in another plug for the Drive-By Truckers, pretty much my other favorite besides Mofro. Also Im an old timer Phish fan so these days I like some Perpetual Groove to give me my psychedelic rock fix.

Oh and of course, WEEN. Kind of hard to describe if yer not familiar, they've been around forever and throw DOWN live with some truly unique tunes.

Have you guys checked out "Zappa Plays Zappa"? I guess you gotta like Frank, and thats definitely an aquired taste, but his son Dweezil RIPS, and has a band together right now with some old Zappa alumni playing his Dad's tunes and they are TEARIN shit up.

And of course this is the obligatory MOFRO fan's response but THE LEGENDARY JC's blow me away every time I see them. Eugene is a true entertainer. Aaaand to round it out, as mentioned in another thread, and on display next weekend in St Aug, NERVOUS TURKEY lays down the gritty gritty, don't miss them...
12 posts
Aug 26, 2008
7:40 AM
I'll give another shout for The Black Keys. I went and saw these two guys off of a recommendation from a friend in Asheville back in 2006. I had a similar addiction to them right off that I had from my first Mofro show. The raw and gritty sound they pull off is unbelievable and you have to step back for a second and realize that this is a two man band. Auerbach seems to just channel something special out of that guitar.

I'm not a fan of their newest album "Attack and Release" as much as some of their older stuff. As with a lot of bands it is hard to capture that grit on record. They went for a more produced sound it seems on this album.

Check out the albums "ThickFreakness" or "The Big Come Up"

I'm going to see them back in Asheville at The Orange Peel where I first saw them in October and I can't wait!
19 posts
Aug 26, 2008
9:59 AM
Back door Slam is a great up and coming band. Blues trio of 21 yr old kids from the UK. Insane guitar skills by Davy Knowles lead singer/guitarist. I highly recommend you check them out, they will be opening for Gov't Mule during Mule's fall tour.

Black Keys also rock. Two guys from ohio. Very loud, very hard rockin. great stuff.

Of course I love me some North Miss. Allstars and Dave Matthews Band always puts on a great show on a more mainstream level. RIP LeRoi Moore.
3 posts
Aug 26, 2008
12:44 PM
I am a big Amos Lee and David Gray fan (I like the Gray boys) also speaking of Grey boys....The grayboy allstars will make ya slap yo whole family when you listen to them.

Also Jerry Joseph, any of his projects...Jackmormons,Denmark Vessys,Solo.
17 posts
Aug 26, 2008
7:10 PM
On that note...saw Amos Lee a few weeks ago in St. Pete @ the State. First off...super venue...been seeing shows there since I was 12. Next, if you dig Amos on his studio work, his live stuff is amazing. The only difference, if any, is for the best...i.e. - MOFRO. Amazing presence and warmth..the real deal. Worth the $ to see him these days. Would LOVE to get a copy but didn't see any mics...not sure that the State is down with that...though hopefully I'm wrong.

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Sep 01, 2008
9:07 AM
If you like Mofro, check out a guy called Eric Lindell. He's from the west coast but spent a lot of time in New Orleans and now resides in Pensacola I believe. The guy's got a real soulful blues voice with a dash of Nawlins funk! I heard he's great live too and I'm waiting to catch him when he comes my neck of the woods. He's got two CD's on iTunes.
312 posts
Sep 04, 2008
9:16 PM
Okay orlandodolphin, I give. I googled 'em, I myspaced 'em, I youtubed 'em, I cain't find nuthin. Can I buy a vowel?
14 posts
Sep 10, 2008
9:03 AM
Hey, cdubSC, nice call on Eric Lindell. I checked out his music and he's got a good sound. Now to get to see him live up here in Upstate, New York will be another thing entirely.
14 posts
Sep 10, 2008
10:22 AM
eric lindell -YES !

also if you like bluegrass checkout 'pert near sandstone'
or some voodoo blues - papa mali
great nawlins funk- jon cleary and the absolute monster gentlemen
26 posts
Nov 01, 2008
9:21 AM
I know this is an old thread, but I went to a kick ass show last night at the historic Ryman Auditorium. DBT just started their new tour. They are touring with The Hold Steady from Brooklyn. If you get a chance, catch these guys. I was very impressed. By the way, 28 days till the boys come to Nashville but who is counting. Also, JJ is doing an acoustic set at Grimey's record shop the day of the show. What a perfect holiday weekend. Football and Mofro equals damn good times!
28 posts
Nov 01, 2008
5:01 PM
The Radiators, Papa Mali and Pierce Edens & The Dirty Work to name a few. Also, for any Grateful Dead fans out there that like bluegrass, check out The Grass Is Dead at the Live Music Archive. Some friends of mine from South Florida that do bluegrass versions of Dead tunes....fantastic stuff. Just so ya know, all the above bands are on the LMA except Pierce Edens & The Dirty Work, but you can see some of their videos on you tube.

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478 posts
Dec 17, 2008
9:44 PM
Hey, I decided to revive on old thread, as I just discovered a cool ass band called Sol Sponge from Duluth, MN. Check out their myspace page and listen to their songs. Verrrrry grrrrooooovy!
Life is full of temptation; it’s hard to be strong!
8 posts
Dec 18, 2008
11:52 PM
Zach Deputy...is my new find. it's kinda a like jj, keller williams,and a calypso band made sweet love...ummmmm
my funk love goes out to Lettuce...a must see if ya get a chance
i can regularly be seen bopping my head to any of the following at any given red light- yonder mtn, michael franti, afromotive, shak nasti, the legendary jc's, burning smyrnans, thievery corporation,john butler trio,perpetual groove, the motet, moe the list goes on ad infinitum....but that's a few for
806 posts
Dec 19, 2008
7:10 AM
Great contributions Beaufro! To admit to what a square I am, out of 14 you listed, I'm familiar with 8 of 'em. So thank you for helping to alleviate some of my squareness.

Only 8 days left until there
107 posts
Dec 19, 2008
7:21 AM
The Cardinals
Tom Waits
Devandra Banhardt
Richard Thompson
Brightback Morning Light
Chuck Prophet
Jackie O Motherfucker
Jim Lauderdale
Nina Simone
The Raconteurs
Sir Richard Bishop
Stephen Malkmus
Sun Ra
Townes Van Zandt

and so much more
97 posts
Dec 19, 2008
10:50 AM
I dig:

Little Feat
Jimmy Buffett & The Coral Reefer Band
Pearl Jam
Hootie & The Blowfish...to name a few

but lately (recently) I'm into bands that allow taping b/c I'm a taper.
5 posts
Dec 19, 2008
5:16 PM
jason ricci
its blues w/harp, but the band is amazing and WOW track 11 the bass player WOW!
22 posts
Dec 19, 2008
5:45 PM
my favorites:

grace potter & the nocturnals
the cardinals
seth walker
eric lindell
ryan bingham

just a few..i noticed earlier someone mentioned eric lindell, he's the shit!!

~a change in the weather might do you good~
125 posts
Dec 19, 2008
7:16 PM
I must say, this is one of my favorite threads. I love killing time digging for new (to me) bands/music, and to have all you guys who truly know what's up throwing some of your favorites out there shortens my route to the good stuff. No matter how much I hear and think I know of, there's always something out there that I've never even heard of that absolutely kicks ass and takes names. Thanks for all the suggestions/recommendations. I hope we can keep this thread running for a long time to come.

~Good music, good people, good times.
23 posts
Dec 22, 2008
5:15 AM
i forgot to add sean costello to my list..he passed earlier this year (RIP) but his music is something you don't wanna miss!

128 posts
Dec 26, 2008
2:08 PM
Topaz and Mudphonic outta Austin. Worth a listen. I propose a Greyhounds, Nervous Turkey, T&M FLA trip. J. Dude, my offer to them I mentioned to you a while back still stands. Get on it, Cracka!


~Good music, good people, good times.
29 posts
Jan 02, 2009
3:52 PM
ian moore, monte montgomery, and tishamingo are pretty good
"We eat our grits and we don't mind sweet in our tea"
NC damned yankee
10 posts
Jan 03, 2009
4:06 PM
Going back to the seventies, Delaney and Bonnie, were a good group. Clapton even toured with them. Discovered them while doing a search for Otis Redding clips on you tube.

Here's the link,http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ir2eAEhtXvE, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvYJlhV4vek&feature=related

Again, any help with embedding video is appreciated.

Check out Clapton wearing scone's sunglasses!

-NC Damned Yankee

Happy New Year!
Delerious Tyme
248 posts
May 27, 2009
9:04 AM

Thanks for the drop down menu, made this thread extremely easy to find... here is two to add to this list.

Gomez - They are playing with the guys on the run through Texas. An old college buddy of mine loves this band. They are from England, alot of acoustic, good music.

Tim Gearan - as Blues as it gets - great on guitar and his lyrics are something else. From the Boston area and pretty much plays in just that area from what I understand.

Delerious Tyme

Mofro for life in Arizona
The Rhythm Room is exactly that when the boys are kicking it here.
"Walking on Moonlight in the Day."

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375 posts
May 29, 2009
9:56 AM
I assumed The Meters were on everyones obvious list....I mean we are talking about the best funk/jam band EVER!

any groove is reason to move
492 posts
May 29, 2009
10:37 AM
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals
Citizen Cope
Marc Broussard
Lucinda Williams
Ani DiFranco
Fleet Foxes
Back Door Slam
The Black Keys
R.L. Burnside
Stevie Ray Vaughn
John Butler Trio
Amos Lee
Xavier Rudd
Shameika Copeland
G. Love & Special Sauce
Ray LaMontagne
Damien Rice
Tristen Prettyman
Kenny Wayne Shepherd
Jonny Lang
Ray Charles
Marvin Gaye
Stevie Wonder
Pearl Jam
Led Zeppelin
Simon & Garfunkel
The Who
Neil Young
Eric Clapton in all his incarnations
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
Van Halen (David Lee Roth fronting only!)
Van Morrison
David Bowie

As morena said earlier, I could go on and on! Music makes my heart happy!
When they've tortured and scared you for twenty odd years,
Then they expect you to pick a career,
When you can't really function you're so full of fear,
A working class hero is something to be

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39 posts
May 29, 2009
12:04 PM
nice list giggles!!!! and how could I forget PHISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 post
May 31, 2009
10:17 AM
I came across a new Florida band while at Skippers back in november 08, I went to see the JC's, and the opening band was THOMAS WYNN AND THE BELIEVERS. Definately check them out, they have a great stage show, awesome vocals, and tight guitars. Plus they are a Florida band from Orlando.
1 post
May 31, 2009
11:42 PM
Other than Mofro, some of the other bands Im into are:
Drive-by Truckers, North Mississippi Allstars, Yonder Mtn. Ben Harper, Charlie Hunter, Galactic, G. Love, Garage A Trois, Dispatch, Ivan Neville (Dumpstaphunk), Moonshine Still, Pearl Jam, Robert Randolph and the Family Band, The Lee Boys, Tishamingo, and Umphrey's McGee.

I saw G. Love recently and the guy who openned for him was named Eric Hutchinson. He plays the guitar and piano. Hes kinda more mainstream than most of the other stuff I listen to but, he swung back around on his own tour and I caught his show. He brings alot of energy and his songs are pretty good.
553 posts
Jun 01, 2009
6:10 AM
Welcome turtleman and Otayhombre!

I thought of a couple more bands that are easy on my ears:

Canned Heat
Cat Stevens

And I was listening to some of my older CD's this weekend and I heard a song I ain't heard in a while and thought it would make for a cool cover song for Mofro, "Dear Mr. Fantasy" by Traffic. Love the harp in that song........
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No effort, stay the same
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331 posts
Jun 01, 2009
6:35 AM
Canned Heat does a version of "Whiskey and Wimmen'" with John Lee Hooker on "The Best of Hooker and Heat" that is one of my favorite blues songs of all time. Absolute classic.



"Now if you happened to come down here tonight...and you don't wanna hear the person next to you sang, and you don't want'em to dance, cause you might spill your drink, you came to the wrong show in the wrong venue."
555 posts
Jun 01, 2009
6:38 AM
I hears ya E, I was searching hi and lo for my Hooker N Heat CD.......can't find it.
"No effort, no gain
No effort, stay the same
No don’t you ever try to live a lie"
501 posts
Jun 01, 2009
6:46 AM
Sunshine, I've been humming Dear Mr. Fantasy since I read your post. I LOVE that song!
When they've tortured and scared you for twenty odd years,
Then they expect you to pick a career,
When you can't really function you're so full of fear,
A working class hero is something to be
556 posts
Jun 01, 2009
7:11 AM
Yeah right??!!

.......something to make us all happy.......

"No effort, no gain
No effort, stay the same
No don’t you ever try to live a lie"
333 posts
Jun 01, 2009
7:13 AM
Sunshine, I sent you an email from Vuze re: Hooker and Heat.


"Now if you happened to come down here tonight...and you don't wanna hear the person next to you sang, and you don't want'em to dance, cause you might spill your drink, you came to the wrong show in the wrong venue."
557 posts
Jun 01, 2009
8:00 AM
Yes and thanks! I am "trying" to get it set up..........
patience grasshopper.....
"No effort, no gain
No effort, stay the same
No don’t you ever try to live a lie"
558 posts
Jun 01, 2009
8:09 AM
Ok ES, I have an account set up - now what do I dew?
"No effort, no gain
No effort, stay the same
No don’t you ever try to live a lie"




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