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The 2008 MOFRO
Summer SwampFunk & Orange Blossoms Tour 
Foto Contest

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Winners of the Photo Contest Will Get This Great Stuff!



Entry 1090

Blackwater Sol Revue 2008 Poster

Signed by all 6 band members!

(The white streaks are just glare from
when I took a pic of the poster)

 JJ Grey Autographed "Orange Blossoms" CD
"MofroFans.com rocks! JJ Grey"

Orange Blossom CD

            Country Ghetto Hoodie                             (8x10) Autographed 
                                                                                     Photo of JJ 
(Your choice of size)



Choice of 2 MOFRO T-Shirts
Choose any 2 from the 4 below or any 2 from the MOFRO merchandise page.
Your choice of size(s)



Plus, we'll feature your winning photo prominently here on the fan site
(with your name and photo unless you don't want.)



Entry 3080

Blackwater Sol Revue 2007 Poster


 JJ Grey Autographed "Orange Blossoms" CD
"MofroFans.com rocks! JJ Grey"

 (5x7) Autographed Photo of JJ 

                    Orange Blossom CD                                          


JJ Grey & MOFRO Autographed Bumper Sticker




Entry 1050

JJ Grey Autographed "Orange Blossoms" CD
"MofroFans.com rocks! JJ Grey"

Autographed Photo of JJ


We reserve the right to make substitutions if product(s) is not available. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.  Merchandise to be ordered upon winner's selection of shirt and size options.  Other rules may apply.

THANK YOU to everyone who participated and voted. This was our first contest and I really appreciate all of the entries and the participation. Watch out in '09 for more contests! 































































































































All you have to do to win is submit your very best live Mofro photo--what YOU consider to be the "best"-- taken between May 17, 2008 through Nov 1, 2008 and you'll walk away with the prize package above!

Well, that's not ALL you have to do.  To win you have to get the most votes for what you consider to be your best photo.

And if you don't get the most votes, you could still come away with cool MOFRO schwag by coming in 2nd or 3rd place!

WHO DECIDES THE WINNERS? You do!  Fans will vote to determine the winners. We'll have a poll at the end and everyone (except anyone affiliated with mofrofans.com) will then have a chance to vote on which photos they think are best...and the biggest vote-getters are our winners.

Official rules and shit

Go here to see the submitted pics

Legal-type shit: By submitting a photo, you agree to all of the above rules.  Further, you also agree to the rules of JJ Grey & MOFRO and www.mofrofans.com regarding International copyright laws, and further agree that your photo may be used on mofrofans.com. This contest is not affiliated in any way with JJ Grey & MOFRO or any related entity including Madison House Management and Alligator Records. No purchase is necessary.







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