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Suwanee Cabin's ?'s
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Jan 20, 2010
6:40 PM
So who has ever rented a cabin for Wanee or one of the other fest at Suwanee?
Was it worth it?
Was it a hassle?
Was it expensive?
Are they all booked for Wanee already?

I did write the Suwanee folks via an e mail link on the wanee festival site. So I should have answer shortly.. But I am looking to possibly do this for Andrea and myself and some friends..

The lineup for Wanee looks great.. Should be a kick ass time..

BTW, Sharon Jones and Dap Kings play at 3pm Sat. Better see all of you Mofro Freaks front and center at the Mushroom stage.. (IS that the stage in the woods?)
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Jan 20, 2010
6:48 PM
Let me know what you find out! If they are available, Jessica & I are on board for sure!

"throwin' pennies on the tracks and playin' in the rain...oblivious of the world around us that was going insane"
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Jan 20, 2010
10:43 PM
when i was at bear creek last november i noticed that thay had added more cabins, they are actually like trailers, BUT they are cool and warm and fuzzy and I would recommend them to anyone. they have them as full( 2 bedrooms) or they split them in half, so they like 2 studios, if you take the full you got a kitchen and livingroom in the middle I think. also they are located right along the meadow stage.

and FUCK yeah I be right in da middle center front!!!
"Those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music."
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Jan 21, 2010
6:37 AM
Every year I call, and every year I get the same thing - we've got a waiting list a mile long, but I can put your name on it... and this is true for pretty much any of the festivals at Suwanee, but especially true for Wanee and Bear Creek. We really want to do a cabin rental, as Clay's back would not make it thru the wkend if we camped!

I think a lot of peeps pre-book their cabin & camping reservations for next year as they are leaving that year! Speaking of - for anyone camping, there's a thread on the FunknJam Forum that the only area left is the Renaissance area (I think it's the overflow camping area - Ute may be more familiar). So again, it's all going pretty fast, as many cabins/camping spaces have been pre-booked for quite some time.

I emailed Suwanee yesterday as well but haven't heard back yet. Let us know what you find out, Danny!

Can't wait to see you! And yes, there was a picture of you included on our cabin door on Jam Cruise!
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Jan 21, 2010
6:56 AM
Always great hearing from you Danny. Look forward to seeing you.

I just called Wanee and here's the scoop. No cabins available. They're not even taking names for the waiting list. Person I talked to said they have 30 cabins and 150 people on the waiting list. If you did not get yourself on the list at last year's Wanee (or around that time) then you're screwed (that would include us TW) they re-start the mailing list each year (we added ourselves to the list 2 years ago unaware that you have to do it each year.)

So if you want to be on the waiting list for 2011, do it now.
132 posts
Jan 21, 2010
7:53 AM
All true.. I got a response..

"Cabin request for Festivals go on waiting lists until 2-weeks before the event.
At this time we have stopped taking names for the waiting list."


I reserved some cancel-able rooms at the Best Western in Lake City. 26 miles from Live Oak.. Every hotel in Live Oak seemed booked when I tried to book online. My guess is that Live Nation (the promoter for the fest) has all the rooms in Live Oak blocked out for artist use.. I should know more soon...

TW-would love to see a pic of my pic :) yes, I am that vain! ZING!
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Jan 21, 2010
8:21 AM
He wants to print out the pic and tape it to his mirror so he sees himself double every morning.

The BW is where I was thinking. It's 5 minutes tops from the fest grounds.

Are any of those rooms avail Danny? We need one.
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Jan 21, 2010
10:57 AM
Ahhhhh...I got you know. Sorry bout the confusion. Born that way.

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