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Short Documentary.  Really nice
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Jan 12, 2010
1:37 PM
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Jan 12, 2010
1:53 PM
That was an amazing 6 minutes and 48 seconds of listening to JJ talk about a couple of his songs and about the environment. Thanks to UHollis for posting!! A GEM INDEED!!

"If you've never seen us before, don't be bashful - sing along from start to finish........and dance & feel good.....there's enough shit in the world, let it all out...........Brighter Daaaaays...."
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Jan 12, 2010
2:07 PM
Very nice indeed. I had lunch at Chowder Teds today and saw many of the sites in this video. Ted was talking about JJ and the guys and the NYE show at Freebird. The MOFRO crew are regulars there.
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Jan 12, 2010
5:06 PM
lets see if this works....

"If you've never seen us before, don't be bashful - sing along from start to finish........and dance & feel good.....there's enough shit in the world, let it all out...........Brighter Daaaaays...."
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Jan 13, 2010
5:38 AM
oh yeah that was pretty much filmed in and around Ted's, it looks to me.
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Jan 16, 2010
10:18 AM
JJ and the boys just flat out hit the mark ! No matter where one lives, who they lived with, or what things happend, there is no escaping the common thread that runs through their music and the listners lives. I will never forget not only listening to their music via Alligator's website, thinking to myself how these guys would be worth a shot to go see play, and then...to stand at Neumo's, and not only get into their music, but to hear him tell the story obaout his Grandfather, during the intro to "Lachloosa", which had my eyess watering with the thoughts of my own Grandfathers,....man, that was some sort of impact on my life, believe me. Living in Seattle, born and raised, growing up near the water(Elliot Bay/Puget Sound), just a block in either direction from our house, which is the same house that I live now, as my Mother lives down the street from us, on the water, where she grew up, all I can say is that the place, the smell, the sounds and most of the sights are still the same...deep in my blood. There have been changes, some good(I guess) and some well let's just say it must be me getting older, and I just dont see eye to eye with them.

I wish I had my Grandparents around to ask them questions that I never thought of, or even knew to ask when I was a kid. I would love to ask them about the hard times, what it meant, and how did they get throught it all? The changes, and what if anything in life did they regret, enjoy, would they have changed or done differently ? What was their pain and what was their joy ? I'm pretty sure that I got some sense of all of this stuff, but man, it would be nice to have them around now, and ask them some deep, deep, questions. Everyone has got a story, of some sort, and everyday that story grows. I just told a guy that I work with,(Marcus) who is a bit younger, and has been learning to play the bass, that now I gotta get serious about learning to play something. He had me mess around on one of my harps the other day, and recorded it on his Tascam didgital recorder, then just looked at me....as if to say..get buisy. I have held off from doing anything with the autographed Epiphone SG, but I'm almost willing to bet, that if JJ had anything to say he'd probably say, "Man, Ya'll better get movin' on learnin' to play a little somethin' on that thing!" And Lord knows, I can tell a story or two, once in a while.
This was some great stuff, thanks for sharing it !




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