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Why future shows just JJ ?
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Jan 11, 2010
8:14 AM
So I received my Mofro newsletter and I am looking at future shows and they all show JJ playing with other bands not JJ and Mofro? Should we be worried? what's a happening?
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Jan 11, 2010
8:41 AM
nothing to worry about . he probably got some offers to open for some other bands, and there's probably not enough money to pay the whole band. so i think he's just gonna try something different. I actually like the idea of some jj solo or smaller band stuff. it will really bring out his voice and who he really is.
pretty sure all the boys will be back at it together in no time.
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Jan 11, 2010
7:16 PM
Hey Morena...sorry I couldn't be at the Fl shows; we'd have loved to have seen you again. No worries!! There's a couple of threads on the subject but the best one is this from last month; I've discussed the content of it with JJ and he told me "I couldn't have put it better myself."

He shared a bit more with me on the cruise but the gist of it is that it's really tough out there right now. In both of the instances where the schedule shows solo performances they wanted the whole band to come. But things are so tight they could only afford to offer so much and it wasn't even enough to cover expenses for the whole band.

More to come tho on the Geo Thorogood shows. He said they wanted the whole band in a bad way but, same thing, the money couldn't stretch. They're working on a deal where he can take AC, Daryl, and Anthony and he's thinking that will happen. He said even at that they'll be working for near nothing but the exposure in Canada makes it a worthwhile venture.

God I hope I don't get in trouble for disclosing that! Obviously it ain't on the recent newsletter so there may be some reason to keep it hush hush but JJ didn't say to not say nothing. Course he and I were both feeling no pain at the time so who knows?

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Jan 12, 2010
6:43 AM
good info there Clay.

a MOFRO quartet of JJ, D, AC, and Anthony would be cool. might raw up the sound. who knows.

Because with the whole big band now, this aint your mamas MOFRO, this is a big band with a big round sound, that i think could fill up some nice size theaters.

they need some good cobills with some really larger acts this coming summer. Are you listening Widespread Panic?
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Jan 12, 2010
7:20 AM
Thanks Clay!! misssed seeing you and trophy wife at HOB ,ahhh wish I could one year make jam Cruise damn that seems like such an amazing unforgettable experience, but besides the mula it costs, dang I don;t think I could party for a week straight!!!

Well we are looking forward to seeing them in April at the blues festival, HOB just wasn't enough!!
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Jan 12, 2010
7:58 AM
Hey morena, if awl goes according to plan, we will be at the blues fest as well. Just gotta see how busy Gregg is at the time, my fingers are crossed!!
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Jan 13, 2010
6:34 PM
Clay, thanks for keeping us in the loop. Your in tight and quiet company here, no one even noticed what you said, or how much scent of Makers and pineapple breath you were emitting onto the board while posting the inside information that you so connectedly obtained straight from the source. Hell, I bet JJ had you cut your finger with a guitar pick, and do some good old fashioned "Blood Brother" secret handshake, inside the "Cone of Silence". Can't help to wonder how the other guys in the band take all of this stuff, who goes, who stays, who wants to stay, who does not, what does it do to the thread of the band, and are they still all on good terms ? Money can wreak havoc on relationships, and I certainly hope that these guys can all weather this ok. Man, to think that Art's name was not on the list....wow. "If I had some of bill Gates's, or Paul Allen's spending money, I would pay for these guys(all of them)to make the trip....all year. Can't wait to see them in May, but all of them would be better yet !




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