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List of Acoustic Songs?
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Jan 01, 2010
7:58 PM
Is there a post or a resource anyone can point me to for downloads of acoustic songs by JJ?

I was just recently introduced to JJ after hearing Orange Blossoms on the local radio station. I immediately downloaded all his albums on iTunes. Still not satisfied, I looked up tons of YouTube videos and I would LOVE to have all the songs that JJ has done acoustically at record stores, in radio studios, etc. I was hoping to not have to rip them from youtube.

Any place I can go to get these???
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Jan 02, 2010
7:28 AM
Welcome the the front porch kyleg20!!

Glad to see you found our little Mofro haven. Check out synclive.com tonight.
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Jan 17, 2010
8:47 PM
Seconding what Helix said, your best resource is the LMA (live music archive.) http://www.archive.org/details/JJGreyandMOFRO

To my knowledge (and others have much more extensive knowledge than I) there is no acoustic compilation(s). You'll have to scroll show-by-show; most any in-store performances will be acoustic. Some of the earlier shows would have him do an acoustic set first and then the whole band.

Stan, hollis, skot, DT...anybody help kyleg out?
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Jan 17, 2010
8:49 PM
Refresh what's left of my memory y'all--were any of the I Belong in the South compilations acoustic??
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Jan 17, 2010
10:46 PM
maaan, jj acoustic on a guitar, thats just it...........
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