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Got 4th row seat for JJ at Massey Hall!
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15 posts
Dec 13, 2009
6:50 PM

Just ordered my ticket for JJ and George Thorogood in Toronto, May 28 and got Row D!

Can't wait.

574 posts
Dec 14, 2009
9:36 AM

Did they forget to inform you that Row D doesn't come until after the orchestra section (Rows AA - ZZ....then A, B, C, D, etc.). Just messin' wit ya!

any groove is reason to move
2956 posts
Dec 14, 2009
10:08 AM
No I think that's correct stan. And they start in reverse...Z is front row, A is back.
16 posts
Dec 15, 2009
6:54 AM
Ya'll foolin' with me and I know it! But with my luck I wouldn't be surprised!


2968 posts
Dec 15, 2009
7:32 AM
ME? Noooooooo, I'd never do that.
1668 posts
Dec 15, 2009
11:01 AM
when you say "row"...you mean.....as in chairs?!?

but..but..but how would you dance?
"If you've never seen us before, don't be bashful - sing along from start to finish........and dance & feel good.....there's enough shit in the world, let it all out...........Brighter Daaaaays...."
42 posts
Dec 15, 2009
12:59 PM
Seats???...Oh my!
17 posts
Dec 15, 2009
2:11 PM
Yeah, yeah, seats it is, but Massey Hall is a great venue with plenty of dancing room on the floors. Los Lobos plays there every time they come to town and I am up for most of that (even ended up on stage last time).

Sunny, you've never seen me move have you? Seats or not, makes no difference to me (but probably why I am going by myself).

1674 posts
Dec 15, 2009
5:04 PM
well David, seeins as I haven't actually "seen" you, I can safely say that I have not had the pleasure of seeing you dance....yet....

but Our Boys have this power over me and I cayn't help but feel the music and end up inveluped in the moment of each and every song and dance (that is what I call it, it is not as graceful as that, lol!) and feel good, there's enough shit in the world.......hee hee

cool to get up on stage, that must be quite a story..

"If you've never seen us before, don't be bashful - sing along from start to finish........and dance & feel good.....there's enough shit in the world, let it all out...........Brighter Daaaaays...."
18 posts
Dec 16, 2009
7:35 AM
Hey Sunny,

I really wouldn't call my dancing as pleasurable, but hey, you never know! The last woman that saw it is still in therapy, so beware! I know what you mean though, if you gotta move, you gotta move.

If I can work out how to post pictures on this thing, I actually have photographic evidence of my 3 minutes of fame with LL!

26 posts
Dec 17, 2009
8:58 PM
Congrats, David.Still in the process of planning our road trip from Buffalo.We are thinking TO on Friday then Ottawa on Sat. or Kingston on Sunday.Holy mother, tickets prices for the TO show, 170 bucks each!I really don't like to sit down for JJ. Its almost impossibale...NO....It is impossible to sit for JJ.Sitting close to the stage and standing to boogie might not go over to well with the George fans.If there was standing room I would buy those first,cause I know Jilly & I will be moving to the groove.Honestly,there isn't a day that passes that I don't play or think about this music.And it was only last July that we saw JJ & Mofro for the first time.We would love to make the NYE gig at Freebird.What better place to see JJ then in his home town,the place he sings about.FYI,my family relocated to Jax Fla. in 1980.Turns out that JJ and my family lived in the same area(west side).Enough about me ,who going to the NYE gig????Lucky bastards!!!!

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