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Top 20 Venues (Extreme Nerd Warning)
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Apr 19, 2009
9:57 PM
"Got my Mofro workin"
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Apr 20, 2009
6:58 AM
I loaded about 950 shows from the tour archives and such in a database and did some extreme nerd things with the data anyways...here are the top 20 venues & cities and the number of shows. Some of these places are closed or the band has outgrown.

Bamboo Room 19 (Closed)
Freebird 19
Skipper's Smokehouse 15
Tipitina's 12
Music Farm 11
Social 10
Independent 9
Culture Room 9
Fox Theatre 9
Wakarusa Festival 8
Smith's Olde Bar 8
Rhythm Room 8
Beta Bar 7
Gypsy Tea Room 7
Georgia Theatre 7
Exit/In 7
High Sierra Music Fest 7
Zydeco 7
Variety Playhouse 6
Stella Blue 6 (replaced by Orange Peel)
Proud Larry's 6
Hal & Mal's 6
Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom 6

If you just look at the past 3 years without radio or Australia then...
Tipitina's, Music Farm, Independent, Fox, Smith's, Beta Bar, High Sierra, Zydeco, Variety, Proud Larry's, Stella Blue, and Hal & Mal's drop out of the top 20

Freebird 9
Skipper's Smokehouse 7
Bamboo Room 6
Culture Room 5
Independent 5
Belly Up Tavern 4
Crystal Bay Club Casino 4
Exit/In 4
Headliner's 4
Rhythm Room 4
Wakarusa Festival 4
Bluebird 3
Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom 3
George's Majestic Lounge 3
Georgia Theatre 3
Gypsy Tea Room 3
Highline Ballroom 3
Newby's 3
Windjammer 3

By City/State (I see Ashley did her research)

Jacksonville/Jax Beach FL 37
New Orleans LA 35
Chicago IL 23
Atlanta GA 21
San Francisco CA 20
Austin TX 19
Lake Worth FL 19
New York NY 17
Tampa FL 17
Asheville NC 15
Orlando FL 15
Boulder CO 14
Denver CO 14
Lawrence KS 14
Tallahassee FL 14
Charleston SC 13
Gainesville FL 12
Portland OR 12
Dallas TX 11
Ft. Lauderdale FL 11
Indianapolis IN 11
Louisville KY 11
Memphis TN 11
Seattle WA 11

Finally by State, guess NC ain't so bad after all

FL 170
CA 59
CO 57
LA 46
NC 41
GA 40
TX 35
TN 34
SC 29
NY 28
IL 27
AL 24
MO 23
KY 21
MS 20
OR 19
IN 18
VA 18
MA 17
WA 17

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307 posts
Apr 20, 2009
1:33 PM
There is no better venue to see Mofro play than the old Bamboo Room, which has unfortunately closed. My second choice would be Tipitina's....my favorite club on the planet!!!

any groove is reason to move
242 posts
Apr 20, 2009
1:39 PM
Since, I have only seen them at 3 locations at the present time, I had to choose the Peel. Although I have always heard good things bout the Bamboo Room.
"Lord feel that vibe, Lord feel that vibe....."

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Apr 20, 2009
3:44 PM
Isn't the Beta Bar now the Engine Room? If so that would increase the number of shows played there unless GTD factored that into his count.
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Apr 20, 2009
4:24 PM
Although the Bamboo Room has been closed for almost a year now, it seems the website is still up.....hmmmmmm.......wishful thinking!! Check it out, they have several nice pics of many of the bands that played there and a nice little tour of the club.

any groove is reason to move
263 posts
Apr 20, 2009
6:22 PM
Giggles, I just used the club name at the time od the show (from the archives). I didn't try to figure out what clubs changed names. But if you know of any more let me know. There is 1 Engine Room show from 2009.01.24 so if you add that to the 2 Beta Bar shows in the past 3 years then that puts that venue in the Top 20 for the last 3 years. All those shows fall under Tallahassee. Good catch!
Ashley, NOLA is the numero uno primo #1 city/state Mofro combo because aren't Jax and Jax Beach technically 2 different cities? On that basis shouldn't Mofro fans move to NOLA?

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Swamp Cracka
31 posts
Apr 21, 2009
2:12 PM
First time I saw Mofro - Zydeco (Birmingham)2003?
Best show I've seen Mofro play - Smith's Old Bar (Atlanta)
Best sounding Mofro show - Variety Playhouse (Atlanta)
Least fun Mofro show - Music Midtown (Atlanta)2005
Most overrated venue - Freebird
Where I'd like to see Mofro play - Ryman Auditorium - Nashville
260 posts
Apr 21, 2009
4:37 PM
"least fun MOFRO show.....least fun MOFRO show.....I can't comprehend ...........I don't understand what it means.. :o)
"Lord feel that vibe, Lord feel that vibe....."

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63 posts
Apr 22, 2009
6:02 AM
First Mofro Show - Exit/In 2007 (opened with Brighter Days)
Best Mofro Show - Orange Peel 2009
Honorable Mention for Best Show - 3rd & Lindsley 2008, they played 20+ songs, over 2 hours, 2 encores, and it wasn't a big crowd, which was nice for a change.
Most Under Rated Venue - The Duck Room @ Blueberry Hill 2008, it is basically a basement at the bottom of a Chuck Berry's restuarant. It was jam packed shoulder to shoulder sing-a-long for almost 2 hours.

I agree with Swamp Cracka, the Ryman would be fantastic, perfect acoustics. I have never seen a show at the Variety in Atlanta, but I have read some great reviews. Do you think they will ever play The Tabernacle in Atlanta? I have heard that is an amazing venue.

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283 posts
Apr 22, 2009
6:34 AM
TN could you describe what 3RD & L is like?

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64 posts
Apr 22, 2009
7:11 AM
It is in a corporate building with offices on both sides of it. From the outside, it really doesn't look like a music venue. It is basically a rest./grill & bar with a stage. There is not a lot of dance floor (maybe room for 15-20 people). It is mostly tables and high tops. There is a loft overlooking the stage with some more tables. It is the perfect place for a small acoustic show, where you sit, eat, drink, and listen. It holds 250 people max. But JJ and the boys basically destroyed the place that night. The first 10 songs were part of a radio broadcast and were relatively calm, not a lot of JJ banter, some sing-a-long from the crowd (Lochloosa). Needless to say, the people who aren't in to singin, dancin, "and feelin that shit" left after the radio broadcast. And then it started. We pushed the tables and chairs out of the way, got our grove on, and turned it in to a TN jookhouse. Listen to Six Ways from that show. Hope that helps.

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Swamp Cracka
32 posts
Apr 22, 2009
7:12 AM
Sunshine - yes, it is possible that a Mofro show was not as good as normal. I chalk it up to it being an outdoor festival, early afternoon, light crowd, and an extremely short set.

TN_Cracka - having been to both Variety and Tabernacle numerous times, I give the nod to Variety. Variety is a old theater - having a floor that slopes down toward the stage. There is a big area between the stage and the seats for people to stand, and the seats are good viewing as well. Main thing though is the FLAWLESS sound system and mixing they do @ Variety. It's the best. Tabernacle is ok, but the seating situation is not as good, and the balconies can get hot in the summer. It's an old church, so it's just set up differently.
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Apr 22, 2009
7:25 AM
Sunshine, I heard about a show a couple a years ago that was in a upper West state that had a real small, real rowdy crowd that not only wasn't into the music but also one of the drunk bastards came up and started screaming at JJ while he was in the middle of playing Lochloosa. They had words. They near walked off stage. It did not sound like a fun show. And it's not the only time similar things have happened (and I'm talking about years and years ago either.)

As much as we see 'em in sold out venues with appreciative crowds, it ain't always that way. Late last year they had a show that only had sold like 5 tix in advance. The walk-up sales ended up being phenomenal so it nearly sold out. But there's still places they go where they're still carving out a name and working hard to sell tix.

While I'm on this subject, and apropos to this thread, you'll note that while the band is playing some usual haunts, they are also playing some different cities and festivals this year. From a business plan standpoint they're branching out. It's a delicate balance to keep coming back to the markets where your dedicated fans are and going to new markets to foster new ones. Sooooo...it may require a little patience, or a little road trip to see them in the next few months. They WILL get back around to all the places you know and love but may take a little longer.

Grab the dog, throw the kids in a kennel, pack a light bag and y'all head out for an excellent adventure. A little getaway, and a live JJ Grey & Mofro show, is good for what ails the soul.

"Never order barbeque in a place that also serves quiche."
~Lewis Grizzard

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265 posts
Apr 22, 2009
7:29 AM
I guess I have been lucky that I have not been apart of a crowd that can bring the show down. Hopefully I never will.
"Lord feel that vibe, Lord feel that vibe....."
1470 posts
Apr 22, 2009
7:40 AM
It's a reminder that our favorite band, for some our passion (if you will), is not as big as they or we would like them to be. It's tough out there, and it's even tougher now. Like I said above, it's a real catch-22. They can do better at tix sales if they just stick to what they know--but even at that there's no guarantees in today's economy. But if you do follow that strategy you do so at the expense of growth. Without growth, you're actually going backwards. Tough biz.

"Never order barbeque in a place that also serves quiche."
~Lewis Grizzard
183 posts
Apr 22, 2009
7:59 AM
3rd & Lindsley was a top notch show. Folks dancing on the tables and chairs. And hot up in that bitch. WHEW!
65 posts
Apr 22, 2009
8:03 AM
As Clay already knows, my brother and I were the ones dancing in the chairs, but we had a beer bottle in both hands to help keep our balance. Safety first.

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