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Nov 08, 2008
9:06 PM
Let's give JJ & crew something else to consider.
List the songs that you remember that aren't on a studio album, ya know like: covers, jams etc..
(Gimme that Drop, which later became Harps & Drums)

I propose that MOFRO puts out a "B-sides" album, call it whatever you like. But a disc of the funky/blues/original covers & jams that JJ & crew have played. I would LOVE to have all those tunes on one disc, actually there are so many it would probably be a 2 disc set.

I wonder if something like that has ever been put together, like those SFC discs floating around.

Suggestions for songs...let 'em fly!

"throwin' pennies on the tracks and playin' in the rain...oblivious of the world around us that was going insane"

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Nov 09, 2008
8:24 AM
I love it John!

I'll go with Gotta Know, Gimmee that Drop and/or Harp and Drums. I gotta think some more...


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Nov 09, 2008
6:22 PM
ok not many bites on this one so you know I'll gladly chime in...

In no particular order,

- Stack a lee (snatch and the poontangs)
- Caught the devil (Tony Joe White)
- Good Times (from the TV theme song, usually in jookhouse, but I think I've heard it in another tune or two, maybe ho cake)
- Take it back to the bridge (asie payton)
- Homework (John Lee Hooker)
- Skinny Woman - (RL Burnside)
- Sad Days & Lonely Nights (Junior Kimbrough)
- Long Time Man (Tim Rose)
- Do Right Woman (Dan Penn, made famous by Aretha Franklin)
- For All We Know (Donny Hathaway)
- Voices Inside - everything is everything (Donny Hathaway)
- He's Misstra Know It All (Stevie Wonder)
- I've been loving you too long (Otis Redding)
- Seminole Wind (John Anderson)
- Tupelo Honey (Van Morisson)
- On My Mind (Reign Sanction)
- Mannish Boy, Hoochie Coochie Man, Got My Mojo Workin, Long Distance Call (Muddy Waters)
- Hard Times (Totally blank on this one, is this a cover or original? something tells me a cover, but Im not sure who by)
- The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down (The Band, Still can't believe they played this a few years back at Wakarusa)
- Lean on me (Bill Withers, played in the middle of a Six Ways Sandwich at the Bamboo Room last year)
- Survivor (Destiny's Child, again, can't believe they played this a few times, but it was SWEET)
- No Diggety (Blackstreet, OK maybe they didn't play it, but JJ has quoted the chorus a few times in Move it on)

- Skeeter
- Home Sweet Home
- Gotta Know
- Down at the Jookhouse
- Gimme That Drop/Harp & Drums
- Whitehouse
- Santa Claus
- Frog Giggin/Cracka Break
- Florida (with the original, double time "skyscrapers and superhighways" section, remember that?)
- Brighter Days
- Gospel (Feelin Good) So far as I know this is an original?
- Pray For Rain (remember when they did this with the symphony? That was still my favorite JSO moment)
- Hottest Spot In Hell
- On Palestine
- The Hurricane
- The Long Way Home
- Goodbye

Thats all I can think of off the top of my head, ya'll help fill in the blanks. Damn JD, you were right, that would take much more than one disc!

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Nov 09, 2008
7:19 PM
Amen Brutha Skotdee...Amen!

JJ, how much would it cost to make an album with those songs on it? I'll gladly host a car wash every weekend to help fund it. I'm sure the ladies will hold a bake sale (can we sell ho cakes & bannana bread at the merch table?)

Hell...Just let us know when & where you'll perform this set list...Skotdee & Myself will be there to document the performance & share it with the community.

Im just thinking out loud here...but seriously...Danny/JJ how can we make this happen? A cd or dvd "BY FANS & FOR FANS"

~Have mics, will travel

P.S. First time I heard the "Florida" double-time "Now Skyscrapers & Superhighways..." was at Bonnaroo '04 good call Skotdee!!!
"throwin' pennies on the tracks and playin' in the rain...oblivious of the world around us that was going insane"

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329 posts
Nov 09, 2008
10:45 PM
Nice thread. Wow skotdee, you know a little Mofro history, I'd say. This would be the mother of all albums.

Am I supposed to know how to bake because I am a lady? I think someone forgot to give me that gene! I'd have to come up with another money making scheme.

Good things are goin' on!
Delerious Tyme
106 posts
Nov 10, 2008
3:36 AM
Hey Skotdee, how about the original Lochloosa?? Where the trees meet the sky... And I pray the Blackwater rolls, from the Florida Bay, All the way, to Lochloosa I know....

I love me some Gimme that Drop though. Since we got Dennis and Art on tour full time, I think that would be a great jam to pull back out of the back pocket on tour...

Delerious Tyme

Mofro for life in Arizona
The Rhythm Room is exactly that when the boys are kicking it here.
"Walking on Moonlight in the Day."
Delerious Tyme
107 posts
Nov 10, 2008
3:39 AM
And another cover missing from your list

The Battle is Over (Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee) Played at the Belly-Up Tavern, San Diego on the CG Tour. There is another that I haven't heard them play, but I'm sure JJ knows of it. It's a Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee song as well. Clay knows what I am talking about but I'll leave it at that for now until I can remember to talk to JJ about it in person.

Delerious Tyme

Mofro for life in Arizona
The Rhythm Room is exactly that when the boys are kicking it here.
"Walking on Moonlight in the Day."
41 posts
Nov 10, 2008
7:42 AM
DT: Gimme That Drop eventually became Harp & Drums, so I doubt you will ever hear it again
any groove is reason to move
42 posts
Nov 10, 2008
7:55 AM

- Gal Youngin' (haven't heard this one in a while)

- Turn It Loose

11/9/02, The Orange Peel, Asheville, NC

- You Gotta Have Roots

3/3/02, Tulagi's, Boulder, Co


- Sweet Little Woman (Otis Redding) not sure if this is the correct title or not.

5/4/02, Old Pointe Bar, Algiers, La

- Down In The Valley (Solomon Burke)

11/30/05, Bamboo Room, Lake Worth, FL (only time played, I think, but cannot confirm)

I need to find my setlist from the first Cafe 11 show in St Augustine from a few years back as I'm fairly sure the boyz played a few songs that night which have not been played again. Sure wish that show could have been taped.

any groove is reason to move

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112 posts
Nov 10, 2008
10:48 AM
Here ya go Stan, I dug this up from your post on the listserv archives. Definitely brought back some good memories from this show!

Mofro 3/19/05
Cafe 11
Saint Augustine Beach, FL

By My Side*
Hottest Spot In Hell*
The Sun Is Shinning Down *
Blue Shuffle #
Gonna Love You All Night (?) #
Fast Blues #
Slow Blues #
Fast Blues #
Mississippi *
Goodbye *
Further I Fall *
Country Ghetto *
Lazy Fo' Acre
Move It On Over (?) @
Nare Sugar
Brighter Days
Tragic > *
Six Ways From Sunday

Circles *
Harp & Drums & Keys

* new songs (I know, Mississippi & Country Ghetto have been played a few
times, but not often)
# old blues tunes w/ Willie Green on harmonica and vocals
@ not exactly sure if this was an old tune the band was covering or a new

Following is a list of new songs that were on the setlist, but not played:

All The Time
Feeling Good?
A Woman

Jookhouse, Lochloosa and War Going On were also on the setlist but not
43 posts
Nov 10, 2008
10:48 AM
Would love to see them do "Get Out My Life Woman"!

any groove is reason to move
44 posts
Nov 10, 2008
5:09 PM
Scott, sure seemed like there were a few more than that...oh well, guess my memory isn't what it used to be....damn I'm gettin' old

any groove is reason to move
114 posts
Nov 11, 2008
7:34 AM
I don't know if they'd ever play Skynyrd, might be a little to cliche with the hometown connection and all, but I'd love to hear them do Cheatin' Woman.


Check it out, not your basic Skynyrd song - slow, bluesy, heavy on organ and piano, relationship/infidelity theme... Just seems like it would fit.

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