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Archive Update-New Show-Ogden Theater; pics added
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Delerious Tyme
85 posts
Sep 29, 2008
12:39 AM
There is a new show up on the archive for download and it is a good one. Ogden Theatre, just a day ago, well, now two, but damn, these tapers got it up fast. Thank you much to the tapers of this show for getting it and out so fast. The set list is killer and yes, Luther Dickinson on guitar for Lochloosa. Check it out ya'll. I know my beloved Rhythm Room is coming soon, let's get more recordings up there, there's be a little slow down since the release of the album and we all know they have been playing night after night. Enjoy.

JJ Grey & MOFRO at Ogden Theater

Delerious Tyme

Mofro for life in Arizona
The Rhythm Room is exactly that when the boys are kicking it here.
"Walking on Moonlight in the Day."

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454 posts
Sep 30, 2008
8:41 AM
Update 10/3
I just received a few photos of this show from photographer Jay Scherer. (Thank you Jay!)

JJ Grey & MOFRO Setlist Ogden Theatre
Mofro set list, Denver, CO
Sept 27, 2008

Higher You Climb
Lazy Fo Acre
She Don't Know
By My Side
Everything Good Is Bad
Lochloosa (with Luther Dickinson on guitar)
Orange Blossoms
Got My Mojo Workin'
Ybor City
Ho Cake
**1st Encore**
The Sun Is Shining Down
On Fire
**2nd Encore**
Brighter Days
How Junior Got His Head Put Out

(Thanks for your help formatting the setlist for me, Delerious Tyme.)


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188 posts
Sep 30, 2008
2:05 PM
Be sure to listen to #3 Jookhouse. JJ tells it like it is in the first 1 minute intro.
No words can say....
27 posts
Oct 03, 2008
9:33 AM
HAHAHAHAHA Damn guys, think JJ checked out one of the recent threads on the board and decided to put in his two cents on Jookhouse?

Awesome :)

Damn I love this band. I'm going to see the Black Keys tonight at the Orange Peel in Asheville, but deep down I wish I was seeing JJ and the boys. Won't be long though. Oct 30!
52 posts
Oct 03, 2008
9:49 AM
that should be a FUN show at the Peel!
28 posts
Oct 03, 2008
10:02 AM
Ya I've never had a bad experience there. Love that place. This is where I saw them for the first time and had no clue who they were. Pleasantly surprised to say the least.
50 posts
Oct 03, 2008
10:58 AM
I have been listening to this Ogden show for the last 3 days- great damn vibe!!

and yes antsy- funny how he tells it like it is ;)

I highly recommened this one!

Thanks Mikey Craig & Eric Foelske (credited tapers)..whoever you are!

~Peace, Love & Mofro
470 posts
Oct 03, 2008
3:03 PM
Geez, I guess I better listen to this sooner instead of later!

Hey brigzz, the TW and I are gonna see Galactic at the Peel in a couple weeks. Are you going to that?? Buy you a beer or 2 for sure! It is a great spot; we always try to catch a show when we're up that way and anywhere within 2 hours of Asheville. It's where we saw Mofro for the 2nd time and that's what opened up the floodgates for us.


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38 posts
Oct 04, 2008
8:45 AM
Re: #3 - Jookhouse...that, boys and girls, settles that. Too cool. Looks like we got that gospel. Thanks JJ.

1 post
Oct 05, 2008
6:35 AM
Fo sho! Just finished listening to Jookhouse and was cracking my ass off; apparently JJ does read the threads. So pull that corncob outta yo ass, because I can't sing and sound worse than a washboard but I'll be singing anyway down in Statesboro and at the Variety. Fo Sho!

Great show here and thanks for sharing. I greatfully enjoy it!
477 posts
Oct 05, 2008
8:00 AM
Hey y'all, we got us a new member. Welcome notfadeaway to the board! Got us a great bunch of die-hard Mofro fans here, so you gonna fit in just fine.


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