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Hi Everybody! (Msg from tour mgr Danny)
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Jun 01, 2008
9:28 AM
Hello everyone,
Some of y'all know me some of y'all don't but just to introduce myself to this wonderful new website, I am Danny I was the bands tour manager, JJ's guitar tech and keeper of the myspace for past 14 months or so. Unfortunately I will not be with the band this summer as I have taken a position as Production Manager of Central Park SummerStages in NYC where I live when not on tour.
Sucks to have to miss the great summer festival season with these guys but we all have to do what we have to do. I hope to be back in the fall.

In any case, the snowball that is JJ Grey & MOFRO is growing.. And it's growing fast.. The guys were all in Brooklyn the other night and I managed to get over and catch almost half the show. This band is on fire right now. EN FUEGO! Anthony has gotten so much better just since I last did a show with them in AZ.. The band is tight and excited..

I got a chance to hear some mixed tracks off the new album that is coming out most likely in late August of this year. It's going to be fantastic as JJ really laid himself out and just put together an album of fantastic, harmonious, glorious and beautiful tracks.. Don't want to give too much away so... You'll just have to use that to wet your whistle and when it drops in August, be ready to play and spread it far and wide..

Just want to say thanks to everyone who I have met over the past year+ of touring with the band. Mofro fans are one of a kind and I feel very lucky to be part of the scene that will hopefully surround this band for years to come.

Anyway, I don't want to blab so, I hope everyone has a great summer.. This new website is a great place to come to chat about the band, share pics and info.. I know how important INFO is to a band like this. What they played and when, special guests, etc etc.. I wish there were more tapers at shows but at least we have a nice archive going.

Take care,
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Jun 01, 2008
10:38 AM
Thanks much Danny for jumping on the board, and for letting everyone know what's happening with you, and the band.

Sounds like your new spot this summer is way cool. You gotta be excited. Congrats, for sure.

As I've mentioned to you, if there's any role that this site can play in trying to make-up for some of what you did to keep all us so informed, please let me know.

Got to tell you, you're going to be missed more than you know...by the fans, I mean. If not directly, fans have gotten to know you as the behind-the-scenes cat who makes things happen so the guys can stay loose, do their thing, and come out and wow us all without worrying about when their flight out is, directions to the airport, how they're even going to get to the airport, and where in the hell their hotel is so they can catch 3 hours sleep before they (think) they have to get up (to go somewhere they can't remember.) Something like the old days when they toured relentlessly in the motor home...?

I cain't believe you ain't bald from wearing so many hats. They're gonna have to have 3 people doing your job. I don't know how you do/did it!

People have also come to know you as a real, well, I hate to sound all goddam mushy and shit, but a real sweetheart. Beyond that Brooklyn macho facade is someone with a heart as big as that bridge ya'll have up there.

More than one fan has said to me, before and after you left, that you've contributed so much to the band in the last year or so. I mean...the music is what we all dig,and without JJ and what he writes and sings and how the music moves us literally and figuratively is, like, why we're all here and reading this.

But from a concert/touring/organizing standpoint, the talents you've brought to the table--and I think others will agree--have been a factor in the band's continued rise and the build-up of continuing loyal fans.

You'll be sorely missed, brotha.

You have fun up there and stay safe.

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Jun 03, 2008
12:57 PM
Yo Danny
Thanks for swinging thru.
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Jun 11, 2008
3:25 PM
Had a chance to meet Danny couple of times on the road and in Orlando. He will be missed. Hopefully Chris ( the awesome sound man) is still around... Great mixer.. By the way Chris if you read this site we were only trying to bust on you @ Wanee when Adam was going to help you on stage!!
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Jun 12, 2008
8:39 AM
danny is awesome,thanks to him I have several setlists from all over the country.I got some of them signed even by J.J.

thanks danny!
enjoy the summerstage,may good weather be with you

ute aka FireFly
from fort myers beach
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Jun 13, 2008
8:15 PM
Danny's new job kicked into high gear on Fri June 13th. As many of you know, he's now the Production Manager for Central Park SummerStage.

This is the opening weekend. First show kicked off with some true soul featuring Mavis Staples and Stephanie McKay. To show how eclectic the venue and summer series is, day 2, Sat 6/14, features the new wave sounds of Vampire Weekend, then some fresh hip hop from MC Kid Sister, and finishing with Canadian indie Born Ruffian.

Lots more happens all summer long, including everything from West African music, to poetry nights, comedy nights, and much more, as you fine New Yorkers already know.

YOU-KNOW we're all damned proud of our man Danny--this ain't no wussy job he landed up there!
Delerious Tyme
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Jun 16, 2008
7:57 AM
Hey Danny,

Good to see you found the site. As you can see, it's already expanded beyond expectations since I mentioned it back in April. Good to hear your new gig is going well. While I think most of us who frequent this site would think you were crazy for even taking a break from touring with the boys, its easy to understand the break from the constant travel and stress that comes with it. I don't know you much past the few minutes that I got to chat with you, but it's not hard to tell you deserve the break and the new digs while enjoying home. Much thanks for everything you've done for me personally, JJ and the band, and for being someone of class and dignity in every sense of the word. Lord knows every Mofro fan is hoping that the festival in Scottsdale back in late April will not be the last time to hear you on the Mic with the always soothing "All the way from Jacksonville, Florida. Alligator recording artist, JJ Grey and Mofro!"

Thanks Danny, take care and best of luck. Only time will tell if New York is big enough to contain you.

Thanks again,

Delerious Tyme

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Jun 17, 2008
5:28 PM
what's up with your Mets, Danny?
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Jun 22, 2008
8:29 AM
Damn, the Mets comment was brutal. Let's go Rays. Thanks for the update, D...glad to hear things are going well for you. You are apprecated and we hope to see you around here again soon.

Tampa Eric
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Jun 27, 2008
7:37 PM
thanks for kind words folks! everything is going great up here. busy as hell but everything is good . ;) except for my mets! biggest underachievers ever!

so new album soon.. get ready... this band MUST get to the next level if you want them around.. spread the MOFRO!


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