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George Sluppick has left the band
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Apr 03, 2008
8:43 PM
I just heard a rumor today that George has left the band. My wife and I are anxious to find out more; we love George's playing and he's a very nice guy. I'm trying to confirm the rumor, but haven't been able to find anything out.
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Apr 04, 2008
10:47 AM
It's sad, but true. George has left the band. I got it straight from George today. He said there is no bad blood or anything and that everyone is still on good terms. He said further that he put in 5 solid years with the band and will miss them.

Lastly he said that it's because of the fans that the band is where it is today and he thanked us all.

(It's rumored that Anthony Cole from the Legendary JC's will be taking over the sticks.)

Swamp Cracka
5 posts
Apr 11, 2008
1:58 PM
NOOOOOOOoooooooo!!!!!!I can't believe it. George is as much Mofro as JJ, Darryl, and Adam. I am not enjoying hearing this news. George has a style that fits Mofro to a "T". I wish him the best, but I think with Mofro continuing to become more popular, he should have stuck around a while longer.

Maybe he's getting a better gig?

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Apr 13, 2008
1:25 PM
>NOOOOOOOoooooooo!!!!!!I can't believe it. George is as much Mofro as JJ, >Darryl, and Adam

I sort of felt the same way a long time ago when Fabrice, Mike and Craig left. I've seen Mofro since 2001 with at least 3 different drummers and several different key players, bass players and horn players. Then I looked at the album credits and saw that on some of my favorite tracks guys played that I never seen before live. In the end I came to the conclusion that Mofro is whatever group that JJ decides to put together and so far I haven't been disappointed by any of them.
2 posts
Apr 14, 2008
8:01 AM
Has anyone seen the new drummer yet? If it is the drummer from the JCs I saw them at Langerado last year and he was great.
17 posts
Apr 14, 2008
4:57 PM
First of all, welcome SanFranDon to the board! The left coast is in the house!!

Thanks for joining. I'm still building the site, and it's still building traffic. We'll have this thing jumping in just a little while longer.

Now...on to the most serious matter at hand: the Mofro drummer. My wife and I just got back from the Wanee Fest last night and what an awesome 2 days. We were right up front for Mofro (pics still to be posted...gimme a couple days) and the new drummer, Anthony Cole (AC to his friends and fans) was warmly welcomed.

I'll share more about the show and AC on my blog in another day or 2.

I will tell you this: I've been doing research on AC (so ya'll don't have to; isn't that what part of a fan site is supposed to do? Fuck man, I dunno, I've never done this before)and he apparently is the nephew of Nat King Cole. Yes, THAT Nat King Cole (how many are there?) (I guess that makes him and Natalie Cole cousins.) He also is an excellent keyboard and sax player and has been performing onstage since he was 3.

Meanwhile, back to George...When I told my wife a couple weeks back about George leaving, she damn near came to tears, and truth be told me too. We had gotten to know George a little bit over the past year or so, chatting with him before and after shows where we could. He's a very warm-hearted individual.

Looking back on the 4-show gig through Florida in February, knowing what I know now, he knew about it then. I've got several reasons for saying this, and for those who really give a shit e me at clay@mofrofans.com and I'll share my "deductive reasoning."

I agree, too, that his playing has been so integral to Mofro, and he's been a part of the band for so long.

But it is true that JJ brings in other studio musicians on records, and you're dead on SanFranDon that Mofro is whoever JJ puts together.

Art and Dennis have been the best thing that ever happened to their live performances. Having horns adds the further element of soul their live performances lacked, and Art and Dennis have a ball with their improvised dance steps. (Art says "...choreographed hell, we're trying to outdo each other and fuck the other one up...") So they're fun to watch--which I think was needed.

I never saw them when Fabrice was in the band but have heard several live performances, and have heard about his stage presence. I think some fans were a little disgruntled when he left, but if they ain't been won back over, fuck 'em, we don't want them then. Let 'em die listening to Neil fucking Sedaka.

SwampCracka, I agree with you. The question is, why didn't George stay with the band longer? This new record could be "the one."

Thusly, here are my theories for why he left:

A) He's tired of the tour grind. George has "been on the bus" since he got out of high school, and now at near 40 he's weary of it. (He toured with Sha Na Na in his 20s and has been with a lot of bands before Mofro).

B) The above plus his impending marriage. He and Sara are getting married later this year/early next year and maybe they want to "settle down."

C) He doesn't seem to have a better gig. If you go to his website he's playing Memphis gigs with a local band. So why would you leave when a new Mofro album is coming out? Maybe he asked for a larger cut. Maybe he figured that he deserved a larger share, for whatever reasons he had. Maybe he gave them an ultimatum.

D) Quite possibly, he was asked to leave. Could be several reasons; maybe he wasn't fitting in anymore. Maybe he had some strong opinions about the new songs that didn't set well with JJ.

I ain't gonna say that JJ has a temper, let' just say he's strong-willed about what he wants.

Who knows for sure, but I'll tell you that it felt right with AC there...the guys were having fun.

I counted 11 mics from tapers there, so I'm sure if not already, the set will be up on archive.org soon. Look for the one from Big John, if there are more than one.


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Kudzu Rising
1 post
Jun 02, 2008
8:26 AM
1st post y'all!

Bummed for two reasons:

Obviously for the vibe that Mofro had going with George but also because this partly explains the break the JC's announced they are taking.

Anthony is a great drummer (I’ve seen the JC’s a few times) so while it will be a bit different, it will still groove.
61 posts
Jun 02, 2008
1:01 PM
Hey Kudzu...welcome.

I saw the first show AC played with them (Wanee) in April and he was good, but you could tell George was gone. But according to Danny Owen, the former (and hopefully again this fall) tour manager, he saw them last Friday night and said AC is now busting loose. Well, actually here's a quote straight from Danny: "A Cole has just come into the fold so much more. Not holding back. He was sick. Band was super duper tight...Im scared to see what happens when the new material starts getting busted out at the end of the summer."

AC is the drummer on all the songs on the upcoming album.

It was sure a shocker to hear George was gone; but I think JJ made one helluva decision picking AC...he's one talented cat.

Kudzu Rising
2 posts
Jun 04, 2008
1:57 PM
Thanks mofrofans1, good to be here.

Too true AC is a great player. Anyone who hasn't heard any JC's material should run out and pick up some of that stuff.

Anyway, I would guess that it would be the case with most guys, stepping into an established situation for the 1st time, you are never gonna hit your full potential on the first few gigs.

1 post
Jun 29, 2008
6:52 AM
WOW...been out of the loop for a bit and saw this today...what a huge loss in my eyes. George had that trash can dirty drumming style that was perfect for this band. He will be missed.
1 post
Aug 22, 2008
7:33 PM
Anthony Cole has been one of the biggest kept secrets for a long time.I am very happy for him. Anyone in Orlando who has seem him play with the Legendary Sam Rivers knows he is a one of a kind talent. He has been a buddy of mine for over 10 years now,and I am very happy for him. Get ready for some energy, because that is what Anthony brings to any stage. I will miss him playing in Orlando, but look forward to going to watch him jam with JJ. Mark my words, you will see some amazing things from him.
265 posts
Aug 26, 2008
6:21 AM
Hey there Orlandodolphin, thanks for jumping in.

Quite a few of us in Cent Fla have seen AC play with the JCs and love him! Hope you've seen the bio page I put up for him so people can get to know him a little better.

I think his diversity in genres and that he is an excellent multi-instrumentalist is what surprises people most. Geez---Sam Rivers!!

I am VERY excited for those who've not yet seen AC perform with the band. He LOVES his work, it shows, and he indeed has an infectious energy, and smile!

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2 posts
Aug 26, 2008
12:32 PM
Thanks for the welcome. Anthony and I hung the other night. He told me that he loves playing with these guys and the fans are great. His only goal is to work his ass off and make the fans intensely happy.

My wife and I are going to be going to NYC, Charlotte, Atlanta. Not sure which. I miss the days I could just drive off and follow a band for weeks...ahh hell maybe I should!!!! Great web site man.What is the best way to get the latest shows on line? thanks. I don't expect a response any time soon since there is a show tonight in the J. Enjoy.
18 posts
Aug 26, 2008
1:43 PM
Welcome to the board dolphin. I will be at the Atlanta show in October, my 5th Mofro show in under 2 years. Hit me up for a beer at the show.
B in OBA
1 post
Sep 07, 2008
12:34 PM
I was less than thrilled when nathan sheperd left after the first album but Mofro always seems to keep rollin with whoever the musician du jour seems to be, i've seen several incarnations and none has ever disappointed, if he's been tapped you can be sure you'll be able to shake that booty down. I think it's refreshing from time to time.

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