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July 6, 2008

I know what a few of you were thinking. "This dude comes out with a fan site, loses interest or his dog dies or his wife leaves him or he dies or something even worse and that's it, the fan site just sits here and nothing happens ever again."

WRONG!  Just busy, life and shit. Happens now and then but hopefully not too often.

Check out the News page for updates.

Oh, and if I'm going to lose interest, leave my wife for an even younger trophy than her and move to Tahiti (in my dreams she's a gazillionaire), the dog I don't own dies (4 cats thank youverymuch), I lose all my fingers in a freak accident during a pillow fight, or die of yellow fever--I'll let ya'll know in advance. 

But just don't count on it. I plan on being right here until my cold, blue fingers have to be pried from the keyboard.

July 6, 2008

Tried to warn you about chino and daddy gee

June 26, 2008

Well, I'm feeling MUCH BETTER since finding out the new album comes out August 26th!!!

June 23, 2008

FUCK! Sorry if I offended anyone, (I broke my own profanity rules by using that word anywhere but the message board) but one of my heroes died. George Carlin is gone, but will never be forgotten. I can't help from welling up with tears as I write this. I followed him since he was the Hippie Dippie Weatherman on Ed Sullivan when I was a kid (boy, that's showing my age,) saw all his HBO specials (more than once,) have all his books, and over my lifetime I've always endeavored to have a sense of humor with some shock value, dry toned delivery, no holds barred criticizing any topic or person or cause, and other comedic talents where George was, and always will be, the master.

George, here's hoping that your prayers to Joe Pesci will be answered and that in the true spirit of Frisbeetarianism your soul will be flung onto a roof, and just stay there.

June 21, 2008

I'm about to kick my web program right square in the ass. Slow ass son-of-a-bitch, decided to start re-laying out some of the pages like it's got a fcking mind of it's own and I've blown several hours fixing it and this bloody page keeps messing up on me.

If anybody knows where to locate the asshole of an online webuilder program, I beg of you, please...let me know. My boot's just waiting to be planted. 

Thank you kindly.

June 20, 2008

If you ain't counting down the days until you see our boys live again, then what the hell are you doing here?

June 19, 2008

I am still the same you know, dumb, rock hard and good to go.

June 13, 2008

We all know what this MOFRO fan is talking about...check out her quick story about Wakarusa.


June 12, 2008

Okay, I'm baaaaaack.  Finally got time to jump back on things here.  Hang loose because I've got a few new things I'm working on...a couple of new polls, a new contest, creating an archive of news articles from most recent to last, and other stuff.

On Friday June 13, I'll be able to announce a new festival date for the guys.  I gave out hints earlier this week.  Now that it's the night before, I'll give a little more clues.

I'll narrow the date down--it's either Aug or Sept.  I'll nail the area down--it's east of the Mississippi AND north of the Mason Dixon line (do schools still teach about that?)


June 10, 2008

And in the evening she still sings it with the band. Happy ever after in the market place.

Damn. I hate it when life and shit gets in the way of me getting to things on the fansite. Sorry I've been AWOL for a few days.

New tour date to be announced later this week. See the News page for hints.

June 4, 2008

At this moment I'm jumping up and down (hard to do when typing.) Just found out the boys are coming back to Florida in the Fall for a set at the Sarasota Blues Fest on Nov 1. That's just an hour's drive away! (Shit, I wish we had decent mass transit in Tampa Bay area--if this was Chicago we'd just take a train there.)

May 30, 2008

Saturday night, 11:30 p.m, wife's out of town. I'm working on the fansite and watching Mule live at Mountain Jam.  Ain't getting much done on the site cause I keep switching back and forth...more forth than back. Warren's kicking it.

I didn't find out that MOFRO's set was going to be webcast this afternoon or I'd have let everyone know.  Or was I the only one who didn't know?  Geez, I feel so out of the loop.

So, if anyone knows any stuff like this ahead of time, (JIMBO?) let me know in advance so even if there's only one person who don't know about it, will. (It'll probably be me...)

At this very moment, Warren is on fire.  He's a sick mothabcdefker.

May 17, 2008

I'm late getting the Summer Festival Photo Contest going.  Goddam making a living keeps getting in the way of the fan site!

I'll have all the details up in a few days.  Here's the skinny though:

Prizes: JJ Grey & MOFRO concert poster, signed by all the guys; (I'll tell which concert poster when I put up the page.) Also, a MOFRO Country Ghetto hoodie, T-Shirt, and other cool MOFRO shit.

Why? It'll be fun to see everybody's pics.  As for the prizes, cause I want ya'll to take some great photos and compete; depending upon the number of entries, you may have to narrow it down to the one you think is your "best." If I give away a $20 gift card to Red Lobster, can you say big whoop?

How: I've created a Flickr account specifically for the contest. If you don't have a Flickr account, you can use your Yahoo ID and password. If you have neither, Flickr is free. It's very easy to upload a photo to Flickr.

When: Actually, started with Joshua Tree; will run through 10,000 Lakes on July 23.

Judging: Will be done by ya'll.  I won't get a vote.  This ain't American Idol, it's all judged by MOFRO fans, and God knows Paula Abdul ain't involved.

Rules: Yes.  I'll post all them with the other details in a few days.

Now: If you're going to a Summer show take some great JJ Grey & MOFRO pics.  Hang loose, you'll be able to upload them right up to the end of the contest.  So get plenty of film and load up them cameras!

And, for now, that's all I have to say about that.

Entered May 15, 2008

Oh NO!  Bamboo Room, a Southeast Florida venue that the guys all really like, and a fantastic place to see a show, is closing.  Looks like it's not a great year for the concert biz.  Details here.

Entered May 14, 2008


The "Vote for your favorite JJ Grey & MOFRO live song" Poll is now open!
Check it out!!

Entered May 12, 2008

Just finished up a new page with Set Lists on it.

Also, the Summer Festival Photo Contest starts this weekend at Joshua Tree.  I'm still making up the rules and details...more tomorrow.  Be sure and run out and get plenty of film! Real live MOFRO Prizes!!

Lastly, the "Vote for the Live Song You'd Like to See on the New MOFRO Album" poll will get underway this week too.  No prizes!!  Just for shits and giggles.

Entered May 3, 2008

Hey ya'll; just uploaded some awesome pics from the show at The Social in Orlando in Feb.


June 9, 2008

Damn. I hate it when life and shit gets in the way of me getting to things on the fansite. Sorry I've been AWOL for a few days.

New tour date to be announced later this week. See the News page for hints.

June 4, 2008

At this moment I'm jumping up and down (hard to do when typing.) Just found out the boys are coming back to Florida in the Fall for a set at the Sarasota Blues Fest on Nov 1. That's just an hour's drive away! (Shit, I wish we had decent mass transit in Tampa Bay area--if this was Chicago we'd just take a train there.)

May 30, 2008

Saturday night, 11:30 p.m, wife's out of town. I'm working on the fansite and watching Mule live at Mountain Jam.  Ain't getting much done on the site cause I keep switching back and forth...more forth than back. Warren's kicking it.

I didn't find out that MOFRO's set was going to be webcast this afternoon or I'd have let everyone know.  Or was I the only one who didn't know?  Geez, I feel so out of the loop.

So, if anyone knows any stuff like this ahead of time, (JIMBO?) let me know in advance so even if there's only one person who don't know about it, will. (It'll probably be me...)

At this very moment, Warren is on fire.  He's a sick mothabcdefker.

May 29, 2008

Ain't nothing wrong with Texas, but I'd really love to go to France.

May 27  7:13 pm

Doing real work...the kind that pays the bills, but digging on Mule--Mighty High. Un-ring that mofking bell ya'll!

Entered May 23, 2008

What does it mean to wake up from a dream and be wearing someone else's shorts?

Entered April 20, 2008


The Wanee set list is posted on the message board.

Wanee photos are now posted too.

Man, what a great time we had at Wanee. If you've never been, you have to go. This place is absolutely gorgeous.  On the Suwannee River, it's in North Florida, maybe 50 miles northwest of Lochloosa, it is the part of the state that JJ sings about.

If you've been to South Florida, or even Central Florida, and bypassed N. Florida, then do stop sometime.  It's still very natural and unspoiled, the flora is different, there are several navigable rivers, and springs too for the diving enthused.

The campground where the festival is held is open year 'round and it's the third exit on I-75 as you come into the state from Georgia. It's just 15 minutes off the interstate.

Gorgeous weather, great bands.  Great crowds too--everyone was really cool, I mean all ages from old hippies to college co-eds.  Everyone was real mellow and partied like it was all one big family.

Speaking of family, the Allman Brothers (sans Gregg, of course) were indeed there and played a long set during Saturday late night's family jam.  JJ came out for a couple of songs and played harp.  Awesome!

He also came out during Mule's show and others.

Mofro's show had fabulous weather. It was the first show without George at the sticks.  Which, of course means it was the first show with Anthony (AC) Cole.  There were quite a few fans that knew, especially those from the Orlando area.

Since AC lives in Orlando and has been with the Legendary JCs for a while, as well as the Sam Rivers Orchestra, the word was already out amongst music lovers in O-Town.

He got a very warm welcome; they all seemed very in synch and were having a great time up there.

We ran into AC the next day and he said that they had only rehearsed two or three times. I told him they were all laughing and seemed to have a good time and he said that they were and that at times he was waiting on a cue to stop playing. That's when they were laughing the
most.  Even Daryl was cracking up at times.

AC sounded genuinely excited about joining up with the band.  He's on the new CD, so everyone will get to hear him soon.

I'll be filling you all in further on his background soon, but he's got chops.  For one, he's apparently a nephew of Nat King Cole.  He's been performing on stage for 37 years (he's 40 but you wouldn't know it--he's stacked.  And yes, he said he started performing when he was 3.)  He also excels at sax and keyboards.

(More on the new CD under Tour News.)

Entered April 13, 2008

More about George being out and Anthony "AC" Cole being in. 

Mofro's setlist from '08 Wanee Fest.

Entered April 4, 2008

It's true: George has left the band.  I now have it confirmed by the best source possible--George himself.

He said there is no bad blood or anything and that everyone is still on good terms.  He said further that he put in 5 solid years with the band and will miss them.

Lastly he said that it's because of the fans that the band is where it is today and he thanked us all.

Chat about it on the message board here.

(It's rumored that Anthony Cole from the Legendary JC's will be taking over the sticks.)

Entered April 3, 2008

Has George left the band? That's the rumor I just got wind of today.  The Memphis musician has played drums, percussion and sang back-up vocals since Mofro's first album, Blackwater.

If someone knows more than I do, which is pretty much nothing. jump on the message board; there's a thread there where you can post what you've heard.

My wife and I have gotten to talk to George many times before and after concerts, and he is a wonderful, gentle soul.  A southern gentleman with a big smile, we're going to miss George a lot.

Entered April 1, 2008

Well it's been too long.  Dang, 2 weeks since I've blogged or made any updates to the site.  Sorry folks...I've been busy trying to eek out a living, like ya'll.

This site is a labor of love; I'd be violating all sorts of shit if I were to try to make money off of it.  Plus, that's not the purpose.  That said, if I made money on it I'd be more apt to pull myself away from work to update the site!

I'm going to keep the site moving forward...I've got more ideas than time.  Hang in there, especially to those faithful who keep visiting every day or two--you know who you are--a special thank you for checking in.  I'm going to try to get to the site every 3 or 4 days to keep it growing, but no promises.

I've just updated the message board; one post about Wanee--who's going, who's been, any advice for a Wanee virgin?  I'm really bummed about the Allman Bros cancelling, but I understand.  But I'm a Florida native and haven't ever seen them!

I put up another post regarding Spring and Sunmer fests I thought would be a good chat board.

Thanks again ya'll.

Entered March 14, 2008

I chatted with (drummer) George (Sluppick) today and he's really excited about heading to Australia this week.  He said what he's NOT looking forward to is the 4 hour flight from Memphis to L.A.. then the 14 hours to Brisbane.  They're only there for a few days, but they're all excited about it.

Entered March 14, 2008

Added another Skipper's photo gallery, this one from the from 2/23 show.

Entered March 10, 2008

Added 2 more photo galleries--the Culture Room and Skipper's from last month.  Also added some tour news.

Entered March 5, 2008

Sicker than a dawg, dawg.  Not that anyone really cares, but I've had a case of the flu for 5 days that knocked me on my ass.  I ain't been out of bed, much less doing anything else.  That puts me behind on work, and way behind on this site.  But fear not, I will forge on, I'm feeling much better now and will get more up on the site soon!

Entered February 28, 2008

Oh man, 4 nights in a row (again)!  The guys killed at the Culture Room on Thurs night, and at Skipper's on Friday and Saturday; but the show at The Social on Sunday night, the guys were on fire.  The club holds about 300, so there's no bad sight lines, mostly everything is close-up viewing.  Great club (could use a bit more ventilation.)

I got JJ to do Stag-O-Lee during the encore at the Culture Closet.  Not on the set list, they came back out for the encore and I shouted it from my front row position at just the right time.  JJ heard me, looked at me, and then taunted the audience if they wanted to hear it, and if yes, the clean or nasty version.  Do I need to tell you the verdict?  He looked at me and said "for you" as he started singing it. Too fucking cool.

I've got tons of photos to add to the Gallery page.  I'll put the set lists for each of the shows there too.  Both shows from Skipper's are already up on archive.org, so be sure and check them out (I'll have a direct link to the show on the photo gallery page.)

Great weather for all the shows.  Last year at Skipper's the temp got down to 30 degrees, both nights; not this year--they had fans on and it was great Tampa weather.

The Culture Room didn't quite sell out (hell it was a Thursday), but Skipper's sold out both their shows further in advance than they ever have (that's about 750 each night.)

Hey ya'll, keep tipping those waitresses and bartenders out there.  Remember now that these people get SHIT for an hourly wage and they depend on US to make up the difference.  These people work hard!  All the ladies and men at the Cave, the Skipperdome, and the Social do a great job.  (Please, please, please, somebody get the servers at the Freebird to these venues to see how it's supposed to be done.  Sorry Judy--somebody's gotta say it, and I guess it's gotta be me.)

All the boys stayed pretty much to the bus this time around.  Not really any chance to talk to any of them.  Sat with Dennis and Art at an outdoor cafe in Orlando while they finished dinner and we ordered ours.  They are both SO nice.

They're all awesome...it was a great 4 day run.

Entered February 10, 2008

I'm so stoked right now.  MOFRO is coming to Skipper's Smokehouse for a 2 night run next week.  My wife and I are going to the Culture Room in Ft. Lauderdale the night before, and to The Social in Orlando the night after.  Four nights of Mofro in a row!  Sounds like New Year's all over again!!

Entered January 10, 2008

I don't care where you live.  If you haven't seen Mofro at the Bamboo Room in Lake Worth, FL, you ain't lived.

This venue is so unique compared to any around the state, and so comfortable that all the guys in the band (yes, including Daryl!) 
hang out before and after the show mixing up with the fans.

They cut off at about 150 to 160 people.  Man, there’s room to breathe, room to dance, the drinks are sized right, the bartenders some of the best we’ve ever seen anywhere…I could go on and on.

It’s a very intimate setting, arranged with seating “cabaret-style.”  The audio system was superb, with just the right volume for such an intimate room.  A very nice, polite, easy-going crowd too.

We caught the last 2 of their 3 night gig and they were the most relaxed and friendly (if they can get any more friendly!) that I’ve ever seen them (over 15 shows in the past year.)

The first night (second night of their gig), JJ had no electric piano.  He just played acoustic guitar and electric—and of course the harp—all night.  It was different, and still way cool.  Their first encore song was JJ’s cover of Van Morrison’s Tupelo Honey, and if you’ve heard JJ’s rendition, you just want to melt.

The second night (the last of their 3 night gig), JJ pointed out it was the first time they’ve ever done Gotta Know at the end of a first set break instead of at the end of the night.  What was even more cool was seeing JJ look over at his wife and wink at her each time he sang “I got a sweet little woman…” and “You know I love that little girl…”  What a fucking moment.

And she is a very, very pretty woman.  You can tell the look in their eyes that they are still very much in love (and from my understanding they’ve been married about 20 years.)  Dig it.

We chatted with JJ--he treats you like a friend, Dennis—he’s hilarious, Art—always treats like he’s known you for years, Daryl—yes, even Daryl comes out at the Bamboo Room! 

It was our first night there, hauled ass from Tampa to just make it, then had ticket problems (long story but many thanks to Danny the band mgr and Donny the club mgr) and I got drucking funk.  I mean slobbering, slurring drunk.  More drunk than at any of the 4 New Year’s shows at the Freebird.

Now, being shitfaced like that wouldn’t be all so bad except for one thing: I am enamored with Daryl (NO, not that way).  I just love his playing style, his sound—I’ve almost wrecked my car because when he hits that slide guitar I close my eyes and lean my head back like I just took a big ‘ol toke of crack or something.  That’s alright when you’re hanging at home, but Tampa traffic is a motherfcker, man, you don’t be closing your eyes.

Anyway, Daryl’s out after the show, and as you die-hard fans know Daryl never comes out after a show (or before for that matter.) 

To me, Daryl is an enigma in corduroy pants.  So seeing him come out all relaxed and shit, I was like “Wow, there’s Daryl, I’ve got to go over and yak with him, but just be cool.”  My wife said it came out more like “Ooow, thresh Daarl, Igotogover inyak with him, but jush beeecull.”

She suggested another time; I would hear nothing of it.

I went over and introduced myself, explained that we had met a couple times before, and that I was really drunk.  He said that was all right because he was too.  We talked about 5 minutes before my wife came over and politely excused us.  She said I was not making an ass out of myself, but thought maybe it best to get me out of there while the gettin’ was good.

No feeling like getting into the passenger seat while your wife has to drive you.  I’ll save comments about restoring my manhood and not being a total wimp to my wife for another time.

We made back to the show the second night.  Suffice it to say that I’m the one who drove from the club back to the hotel that night.

Oh, and Daryl is really shy, but down-home, really nice, and a funny guy too.

Entered January 3, 2008

Happy New Year's everyone!  Holy shit if you missed any of the JJ Grey & Mofro shows at the Freebird at Jax Beach over the New Year's holiday, then you missed some of the best ever.

Four nights of awesome music reached a frenzied pitch about 1:30 a.m. in the wee hours of New Year's Day.  The guys wrapped their second encore of the night with a jean-creaming, jump up and fcking down, kick-fcking ass performance of Junior (How Junior Got His Head Put Out.)

All 4 nights had an extra horn, Dr. Alex Norris from Miami, who added some depth to Dennis and Art's always kick-ass playing, plus an extra trumpet to hear while JJ throws it around.  Great player.

That final night was also joined, as usual by Matt Grondin from Inca Maya (out of Jax.)  Ya'll have probably seen/heard Matt play before, so what can I say?  I'll say something anyway.  That motherfcker can set that guitar on fire.  It's always a treat to watch Matt play (and always makes one wonder why he's not ever been an addition to the band.)

Nervous Turkey, out of Tampa, the first night was as gritty, growly and fun as ever.  For just 3 guys, they can make some noise.  The lead singer is way too much when he takes off his shirt and pinches his fat.  Nice butt crack too.  You'd have to be there...hopefully I've got some good pics.

I heard that Hobex was great.  I locked my keys in the car and realized it right after I did it.  We spent the time waiting for AAA to come while they played.  (Only 25 minutes to get there, less than 5 minutes to unlock the door.) Keep up those AAA memberships folks!  (What a stupid fck I am!!)

The Legendary JC's were on fire.  We were running late and didn't catch but the last part of their show, but man can that Eugene sing, and watching and hearing Chris Bell play that harp is too much.

I had never seen Inca Maya before; man they killed.  The bass player, Shane, is a wild man, and Matt, well, I think I already said it all about Matt.

JJ made sure the set list was mixed up each night, guys from the other bands joined up, as usual, and they jammed until about 1:15 each morning (except a little longer on the last.)  They came onstage right at 11:15 each night.  The openers started around 9:30.

Will they do the Freebird for New Year's Eve '08?  Well JJ says on his blog that he's already looking forward to it.  And Judy (the owner of the Freebird) said to me "Next year...7 nights of MOFRO!"  (I think she was kidding, but who knows??)

I got tons of pictures.  Be posting them soon.  Set lists too.


Entered Dec 15, 2007

Cool man, cool...George and Art have a new CD out and it's a real trip: it's a collection of boogaloo music.  Both guys live in Memphis (when not on the road with Mofro) and they've got a side-band called "The Grip."

They play in a little club there and use funny names--Art is Paper Bag Brown and George is Jasco Parks.

Find out more about the band and their gig here.  To buy the CD and other cool Grip shit, go here


When are festivals in the U.S going to get video game urinals?!

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