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JJ Grey & MOFRO Band Members

photo by Dave EarleyJJ Grey

Vocals, Guitar (PRS Guitars, Gibson SG, Gibson 337, and Gibson Southern Jumbo Acoustic, with vintage Fender Showman w/ Tone Tubby 2x12, Fender Super Reverb, and Fender Champ amps), Keyboards (Wurlitzer 200a, Nord Electro), Harmonica (Lee Oskar, Hohner)
Age: 48 (born 1967)
Lives in: Jacksonville
What you may not know: JJ loves to surf. He and his friends grew up surfing together and he surfs whenever he has the chance.

JJ (still known as John to some of his friends), still lives on the west side of Jacksonville on the property where he's resided for many years.

JJ Grey & Mofro Facebook    JJ Grey & Mofro website   JJ Grey & Mofro Merch
















Dennis Marion
Lives in: Jacksonville Beach, FL

Age: 33

What you may not know: Growing up in Baltimore with a Dad as a musician, Dennis used to sneak into clubs when he was just 14 so he could play with the adults; he'd play all night and sneak back into the house so his Mom wouldn't know it.

Dennis is an accomplished trumpet player who can expertly play literally everything from classical to acid jazz.

He has been with the band since late 2007.













Todd Smallie
Bass guitar
Lives in: Ft. Collins, CO
Age: 46


Todd joined the band in late Aug 2010 after over 15 years with Derek Trucks. He's got huge chops. But if you've heard JJ Grey & Mofro you already know that. Here's a great interview with Todd that tells all about his musical career and that ever present smile on his face.

Here's Todd's Facebook page












Marcus Parsley Trumpet

Marcus joined the band in early July, 2015. He was the trumpet player on the latest album, Ol' Glory, except for one song. Here's Marcus' website






Craig Barnette Drums

Craig re-joined the band in early Fall 2015. He's one of the original band members and played on Mofro's second album, Lochloosa.  Here's his website.







As of Mar 7, 2016, Zach Gilbert has taken over the role as guitarist and Eric Brigmond is joining up on keys. (more info to come).




Past Mofro Members

Andrew Trube (Photo by Jennifer Schrader)Anthony Farrell and Andrew Trube
Andrew Trube and Anthony Farrell have been performing together asAnthony Ferrell, Photo by Gonzo Photography the Greyhounds since the late 90s.  Both multi-instrumentalists, Andrew plays guitar while Anthony's groove is organ and keyboards. They joined up with Mofro in March 09. Both are also talented singers in their own right. Trube lives in Texas, Farrell in Los Angeles.

They exited the band in January of 2016 to pursuit their band the Greyhounds which was formed long before they joined Mofro.

Their new album, Change of Pace, comes out Apr 1, 2016 and can be pre-ordered below here. Greyhounds Facebook page and tour schedule


Daryl Hance
Daryl released his second album Land of the Trembling Earth in 2014. Check it out as well as his national tour dates and keep up with what he's got happening on his Facebook page and his website.




Art Edmaiston
Art is now with the Gregg Allman Band. Their 2015 tour continues through this summer with stops along the festival and club circuit from coast to coast and Europe. Here's Gregg's tour schedule

Here's more info on Art's exit from the band
And more here


Anthony "AC" Cole
AC left the band in early July, 2015. He was with the band since 2008 and played drums all on the albums except the first 3. He is now playing with Doyle Bramhall II.

Adam Scone
George Sluppick
Fabrice Quentin
Craig Barnette
Mike Shapiro
Nathan Shepherd
Bea Gayle
Tim Stombaugh
Steve Cybulski
Ian Hendrickson-Smith
Dave Guy
Cochemea Gastelum
Alex Norris
Chris Davis

Jeff Dazey
Eric Kalb



Photo of JJ Grey used by permission. © Michael Bialas.   Photo of Andrew Trube courtesy of Jennifer Schrader.  Photos of Anthony Farrell, Dennis Marion, and Anthony Cole courtesy of Gonzo Shots. ©  Band photos by Dave Earley Photography and Bob Adamek. Todd Smallie photo by Tamera Morgan ©  Used by permission.


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