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What's this site about?

My name is Clay and I ain't nobody special. I started this site in Feb 2008. I'm not a musician, or promoter, or club owner.  I can't say that I'm one of Mofro's longest-time fans, (I've met many other die-hard fans that have been following them as much and longer) but  I'm certainly among their legions of the most faithful and enthusiastic. 

This isn't an "official" site, in that it's not affiliated with the band.  But it's endorsed by the band, we receive updates and info from them and their management, and JJ not only approves of it, he's admitted to peeking in on the message board from time to time. 

If you've been to a JJ GREY & MOFRO show, you know the feeling.  It's alive, electric, moving, flowing, and never, ever lets you down.  A MOFRO concert gives you a buzz, leaves you hungering for more afterward, and sends you home in search of your next fix.

This site's for you and me and legions of JJ GREY & MOFRO fans.

This site's not about me; it costs me money, I don't make anything on it and I don't want and wouldn't try to capitalize on JJ and Mofro's continued success. What it's for, quite simply, is a place for me and you and all of JJ Grey & MOFRO fans to hang out. 

This is a place for us to congregate and yak, look at old pictures, compare notes and basically as a supplement to what's already provided to us by the official JJ GREY & MOFRO site , Facebook and other places. You can find setlists old and new, guitar tabs and chords, vintage/classic JJ Grey & Mofro videos and learn more about JJ Grey & Mofro band members, past interviews and reviews and more.

We all want the band to be as successful as they can and I want this site to help them as much as possible in that endeavor while also fixing the jones we have for JJ, the music, and all the guys involved in Mofro.

The message forum is where it's at. Swing on by the Front Porch.

After 7 years you can imagine all the info that's on the forum. Chances are if you want to know something you'll find it there. Or someone that can answer it for you, or use the search feature there. Come and watch, or jump in.


JJ Grey & Mofro 2015
Photo by Jim Arbogast 


 Check out this vintage audio interview with JJ Grey from 2003. It's a must hear for any JJ Grey & Mofro fan!
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Must-see video of JJ's 2001 appearance on Animal Planet w/Jeff Corwin

JJ Grey/North Florida Video Documentary 



[A lot of people doing a search to see if JJ Grey is married seem to end up 
 because of the way keywords and engines work. The answer is YES,
his wife have been married many years.
They have a grown son and had a baby daughter in Spring '09. If you want
to know anything further about it,
you'll have to ask him. This is a fansite,
not a gossip site.]



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